Wonderful Landscape

When one, as a tourist, you ask when choosing among the options that provides Mendoza is excursions do. Without a doubt, within the great wonders that has the province, Mendoza Aconcagua is an excursion that will never forget, so it should not do. Aconcagua, one of the highest mountains of America, is located north-west of the province of Mendoza, Argentina. It has a temperate climate and low humidity. The Aconcagua is located in the Aconcagua Provincial Park in the province of Mendoza (Argentina), which includes thousands of acres of splendid vegetation and protected animals, where coexisting species unique and worthy to admire as the condor of the Andes. Park Aconcagua in Mendoza surround it, by North and Southwest, the Gorge and the Valley of los Horcones. In the Park you will find large and splendid glaciers, water reserves, and important archaeological sites. It is the place chosen by climbers.

But what can I do in Aconcagua? The Park will provide you different options; from a simple picnic where you can enjoy the wonderful landscape, until the climb to cerro Aconcagua. In addition, it is composed of areas in which various different activities can be done. The Horcones Valley is generally intended for tourist activities such as recreation and observation. This Valley will allow you, as a tourist, can take panoramic pictures, observe the fauna and flora characteristic of the site, make walks and other relatively intensive recreational activities. Through the Horcones Valley you can easily reach the Cerro Aconcagua, where some of the most common to do activities are sightseeing, scale mountain, between nature and trekking camp. Thus in the Aconcagua in Mendoza you can enjoy of a splendid and healthy sporting activity, may to walk and observe the beauty that can be seen in the Parque Provincial Aconcagua in Mendoza. In sum, if you are lover of high altitudes; If trekking, climbing, camping are to your liking, if he is willing to indulge with an unimaginable nature, if you also intend to do him well to your health with a beautiful physical activity where the landscape will never surprise you; You can not miss the Aconcagua Mendoza. If you liked this article, tell your friends about him. They will thank you. If you have a blog or website, you can bind it or even post it on your own site (don't forget to mention as the original source).