Travel Travel To Trier – An Ancient City

The visit of the main market square and the Church of our Lady is a real highlight. Trier, the ancient Roman city of Mosel, belongs to the most interesting tourist destinations of in Germany. During a visit to one of the many beautiful sights in Trier, visitors discover Roman monuments and many buildings from the middle ages. Last but not least, the good Mosel wine attracts visitors in the trier. Holiday in the Trier Trier is the oldest city in Germany. During a stay in Hotel Trier, you can cast on the traces of the ancient Romans.

The magnificent buildings created during the time as the seat of Government of the Western Roman Empire, show their great historical importance. In the middle ages, Trier was given the epithet "the Holy City". That can be felt even today during a visit to one of the sights in Trier. Many sacred buildings worth a stay at the trier. Due to its border position for France, Trier fell in the course of history often caught in the crossfire of wars between the two countries. Nevertheless remained the historic buildings to large Parts receive and can be discovered during a visit to the trier.

But anyone who believes that trier is only something for lovers of Roman culture and medieval history is wrong. Trier is a bustling, modern University City with everything that makes a place for young people. The ancient Roman city belongs to the most important historical monuments of Trier's undoubtedly the Porta nigra, the "Black Gate". The emblem of Trier was declared UNESCO World Heritage site. It is the largest city gate from the Roman period, which is found north of the Alps. While staying at the Trier, visit this monument belongs to the most attractive program points. The trier Cathedral is well known. He also comes from Roman times and his visit should be scheduled with a stay at one of the hotels in Trier. You need to necessarily see the Roman bridge, the amphitheatre and the Imperial baths. During your visit to the trier can immerse flatly deep on one through the city in Roman history. Things to do from the middle ages if you are interested in historical buildings from the middle ages, a visit to one of the hotels trier is a worthy goal. The Gothic style of the time can recreate in the many churches and buildings. The visit of the main market square and the Church of our Lady is a real highlight. To get an insight into the life of the middle ages, if you walk from your hotel trier through the Judengasse. Trier has also to offer a magnificent building from the Rococo period. The electoral Palace is considered to be one of the most magnificent buildings of the world from this period. All fascinating monuments are within easy reach, so that you can discover trier walking for all hotels. Don't forget good Moselle wines Trier Hotels during a visit to a hotel in the Trier, to enjoy the evening atmosphere of the city in a pint of wine from the Moselle river. A visit to one of the nearby wineries is a special highlight for wine connoisseurs. After a day full of discoveries of the past enjoy your day in one of the many bars or with a glass of good decide in your hotel trier Moselle wine.