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Jaime Gil de Biedma is born in Barcelona the 13 from November from 1929 and passes away in the same city the 8 of January of 1990. He studies Right in Barcelona and Salamanca, in whose University license in 1951. His first poems, under the title of According to sentence of the time, appeared in 1953. Later it publishes posthumous Fellow travellers, Moralities and Poems. Regardless of these books they also appear in his bibliography some compilations and separatas, that contain picked up poems or in mentioned books, or unpublished; thus, for example, In favor of Venus or Four poems morals. An edition determined by the author of all poems until 1969 and titled particular Collection remained in the publishing cellars, when prohibiting itself the distribution of the book in covachuelas censorias. Finally, a total edition of its poetry, written down by the author, has appeared with the title of the people of the verb. Biedma also publishes an extensive critical test titled Song: the world and the poetry of Jorge Guilln and a part of memories, with the Newspaper title of the seriously ill artist.

They exceed its function of prologues, the introductions to Metropolitan, of Carlos Barral, and the joint edition of Ocnos and Variations on Mexican subject, Luis Cernuda. Their T.S work translations are remarkable. Eliot and of Christopher Isherwood. The best Jaime Gil de we found it Biedma in the voice it jeopardize with the working class, the one that the poet makes him watch from a more positive angle the human mass, because in spite of their urban individualism, the other are a presence whose problems are not to him indifferent: There am now the pain/the other, of many,/pain many others, pain so many men,/the ocean of Aryan men Francisco Soli's Where the freedom dwells, there is my mother country. XIII Poetic Festival by La Paz and the Freedom dedicated to Benedetti.

Nowadays the tourists who have desire of being able to enjoy a trip to variable destinies, usually secure a great information in Internet on those destinies that are interesting. It is for that reason that Internet has become a very attractive tool so that any person can find trips to any destiny of the world, that is ideal for those people who have desire of being able to enjoy during the vacations. Through Internet data can be known and information on new destinies and thus are possible power to enjoy new cities and to cheer up to travel until other many places, that are what the tourists interest. Besides being able to find an ample information on the destinies that we like, also it is possible to find different flights to be able to travel until the destiny that we more like and to reserve it through the network directly, which facilitates much to us the things at the time of being able to travel. On the other hand the reserve of hotels does that we pruned to have all insured and to travel calmly, who is what to all we like when we go from trip to any place of world, as much in the case of travels in pair like doing it with all the family. When having so many facilities, are many the tourists who leave of side the travel agencies and they get ready to reserve a trip through Internet, a form different to be able to have the good trip preparation, especially very interesting for the people who do not have much and time and that have the opportunity to at any time make the reserves of flights and hotel, of the day, which supposes a great advantage, since thanks to Internet, the people are many who can comfortably prepare their trips from house, that is a great advantage.

Sicily is the greater sunny island of the Mediterranean. A complex multicultural patrimony is united to an exceptional natural beauty and a variable landscape. 1000 km of coasts bathed by a blue sea clearly and framed by beautiful islands. In the interior green undulating hills and worked valleys of see. The impetuous Etna behind Catania. The mountains Nebrodi and Madonie that constitute the final part of the Apennines protected by two wonderful natural parks.

The city and the towns where combinations of different architectures create a singular beauty. If you want to spend the vacations in Sicily in contact with the nature to know the tastes the traditional kitchen and the customs of the farmers surrounded by beautiful landscapes, you can choose the rural house, in this case the best solution if you go in search of the authenticity of a territory with an excellent quality on watch. The rural houses in Sicily are throughout. You can choose to remain near the coast if you want to enjoy a fantastic combination of sea and nature or can decide on the enchantment of the interior. The vacations in one marry rural they create a good balance between authenticity of lodging, comfort and economy of the cost. Hospitality, relaxation and good food are the mottos of this type of tourism.

These facilities also offer the opportunity to outdoors practice several activities such as trekking, to mount to horse, mountain cycling and guided long walks. Between old olive trees, full gardens of citruses, green hills covered by vineyards you can find masserias, agricultural complexes (bagli), towns of the nobility, barrocas or Liberty that wisely have been turned into comfortable and wonderful ready rural farms to provide with accomodations all the people who want to know the beauties most hidden the island. At present the rural houses are designed structures " in order to satisfy to turista" that for the work of the agriculturists, with rooms furnished with all the common services, swimming pools, services, to name only some things. In the preparation of the vacations in Sicily he is always advisable to carefully verify in Internet or an agency, in the measurement of possible, that there is a reasonable correlation between the presentation of the rural house and the reality. Mainly to avoid disagreeable surprises to the arrival, a very interesting evaluation is the commentaries of the clients who already have resided in the structure. Original author and source of the article.