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Exciting events guarantee for six weeks of fun and entertainment for the whole family Summertime in Abu Dhabi: from June 24th until August 4, 2010, summer in Abu Dhabi attracts many visitors to the Emirate again. The summer festival not only in Abu Dhabi is represented with exciting activities for young and old, award-winning international shows and extensive edutainment services city, but this year for the first time in the Garden City of Al Ain. Main venue is the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) in Abu Dhabi City, the largest indoor Entertainment Centre in the Gulf region. In addition to the well-known American Irish dance show Lord of the dance as a highlight of the event, from 23 to 26 June there are two show premieres: Fantasy thrills on ice with one specially for the Festival designed ice skating show from 4 to 15 July and New York's award-winning Big Apple circus performs from July 23 to August 3 for the first time in the Middle East. There are tickets at for approximately 59 euro for Lord of the dance, for the Big Apple circus and fantasy on ice for around 45 euros for adults. Children under 12 years pay around 17 euros. In addition to the shows, there are also numerous so-called edutainment zones, where children and adults can acquire interactive and interesting in a playful way knowledge. Can a wild cat and mouse laser game adventure seekers compete or amazed at the be "zone on a challenging course to test your strategic thinking and motor skills.

In the Hello music "zone kids can romp between feature films, live music shows and animations. Interested visitors can learn how body energy can be converted into electricity, how to effectively saves energy, recycled raw materials and total eco-shaped his life. Also, you can test new products in the field of multimedia and computer game technology. For the first time there will be events and actions outside the Exhibition Center this year: six shopping malls in Abu Dhabi City and Al Ain offer while the summer festival an extensive programme with cultural events, live cooking shows and courses, workshops and competitions, as well as special offers and promotions in stores. Play areas for children, a tasty "zone for gourmets and amateur cooks, dance and handicraft shows among other things out of Mongolia, New Zealand, Kenya, Botswana, China, Malaysia and India provide game and fun for young and old. Also in the Khalifa Park, various festivals and special events will take place. There is more information on the summer festival in the Emirate under. Information on Abu Dhabi General at. Press releases and pictures of Abu Dhabi under. How to contact with consumer: Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority Bayerstrasse Street 27 60313 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 29 92 53 920 E-Mail:

The visit of the main market square and the Church of our Lady is a real highlight. Trier, the ancient Roman city of Mosel, belongs to the most interesting tourist destinations of in Germany. During a visit to one of the many beautiful sights in Trier, visitors discover Roman monuments and many buildings from the middle ages. Last but not least, the good Mosel wine attracts visitors in the trier. Holiday in the Trier Trier is the oldest city in Germany. During a stay in Hotel Trier, you can cast on the traces of the ancient Romans.

The magnificent buildings created during the time as the seat of Government of the Western Roman Empire, show their great historical importance. In the middle ages, Trier was given the epithet "the Holy City". That can be felt even today during a visit to one of the sights in Trier. Many sacred buildings worth a stay at the trier. Due to its border position for France, Trier fell in the course of history often caught in the crossfire of wars between the two countries. Nevertheless remained the historic buildings to large Parts receive and can be discovered during a visit to the trier.

But anyone who believes that trier is only something for lovers of Roman culture and medieval history is wrong. Trier is a bustling, modern University City with everything that makes a place for young people. The ancient Roman city belongs to the most important historical monuments of Trier's undoubtedly the Porta nigra, the "Black Gate". The emblem of Trier was declared UNESCO World Heritage site. It is the largest city gate from the Roman period, which is found north of the Alps. While staying at the Trier, visit this monument belongs to the most attractive program points. The trier Cathedral is well known. He also comes from Roman times and his visit should be scheduled with a stay at one of the hotels in Trier. You need to necessarily see the Roman bridge, the amphitheatre and the Imperial baths. During your visit to the trier can immerse flatly deep on one through the city in Roman history. Things to do from the middle ages if you are interested in historical buildings from the middle ages, a visit to one of the hotels trier is a worthy goal. The Gothic style of the time can recreate in the many churches and buildings. The visit of the main market square and the Church of our Lady is a real highlight. To get an insight into the life of the middle ages, if you walk from your hotel trier through the Judengasse. Trier has also to offer a magnificent building from the Rococo period. The electoral Palace is considered to be one of the most magnificent buildings of the world from this period. All fascinating monuments are within easy reach, so that you can discover trier walking for all hotels. Don't forget good Moselle wines Trier Hotels during a visit to a hotel in the Trier, to enjoy the evening atmosphere of the city in a pint of wine from the Moselle river. A visit to one of the nearby wineries is a special highlight for wine connoisseurs. After a day full of discoveries of the past enjoy your day in one of the many bars or with a glass of good decide in your hotel trier Moselle wine.

Security in Madrid, Barcelona and Costa Brava Spain is one of the safest vacation countries in Europe. So want to share it with the Ministry of the Interior. Nevertheless, crime in the cities such as Barcelona and Madrid has grown very strongly. Most of the victims are tourists, mostly from Japan, Korea, or other non-European countries, who come to Spain and be robbed by the disorientation already in the subway. Meanwhile, the city of Barcelona is known worldwide for the pickpockets and this should be very alarming for the Ministry of the Interior.

This year the country is expecting all 56 million holidaymakers, hopes to 90% full booking in hotels and holiday apartments and hopes thereby to the fourth-best year in the history of Spanish tourism. So that this country is still safe for tourists, 43,000 police officers should be used this summer now in addition in tourist resorts and airports, train stations and beaches. From July 1 are the new cops on the beat, particularly in the Spanish tourist stronghold on the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa del Sol, as well as on the Islands. It is not particularly dangerous in Spain, but one should be careful. The crime rate is low, but not zero.

On the beach, in the subway, in the stations, especially since should it keep the luggage or purse. If something happened in a bad case, you can file a complaint with some luck in the local police station in his native language. Because the Spanish police will soon also accessible from European counterparts under the arms. These should go on patrol. You realize it now, when you drive in the Metro in Barcelona or Madrid: alert many watch on pickpockets and even the drivers of the trains in the intercom about the presence of such passengers. Nevertheless, enjoy a unbeschwinglichen holiday in Barcelona, Costa Brava, or in Madrid. It should be not so alarming or even discourage a holiday. You should especially any personal belongings in the hotel safe or in a holiday apartment Leave Barcelona, Madrid, etc. With some caution you can enjoy the summer holiday with safety!

The Valley of Rauris is very popular with families in the summer as a holiday resort with lots of variety through the warm months. The ways in which you can add variety to your his days, are very diverse. So parents need to worry, the vacation like the children that adventures are guaranteed. When the warm mountain air of the summer one blows to the head, and the flower-filled meadows exude a delightful scent, you know why holiday in the Alps is a unique experience. Alone, the possibilities of which one offers the landscape, are priceless. Get up kids with your for a hike and discover the animals, flora and fauna.

Each trail has its special charm and everywhere you can take a break, recuperate and enjoy while the juicy green meadows and the power of the mountains. Traditional huts a must on any hike or mountain bike. Making station in the mountain huts. There enjoy delicious mountain specialties, while grazing cows and goats next to you. But in addition to the hiking, there are also countless other summer activities in the Rauris Valley. Not far from the Rauriserhofes, you can try your luck at gold panning. A highlight in which children and adults also have lots of fun. For about 2000 years ago, gold was discovered in Rauris and with a bit of luck, as treasure hunters discover a little gold. Other activities but also many other activities await you in Rauris Golf Tennis swimming biking is for your summer holidays in the Salzburger Land determined no boredom!

The cold season once quite different: Almond Blossom and sunshine more and more Germans are fed by the local winter. No wonder, instead of white winter splendour, there are often only wet autumn weather. There is the idea, to spend the winter in the hotel or holiday home in Majorca, not too. What initially sounds like reverie, is not so impossible: many providers of holiday houses, Fincas and apartments offer their objects to the discounted rent through the winter. Whoever travels to Mallorca with the ferry, has even your own car on the island. The article illuminated the project more accurately.

No snow in Mallorca is the most important: right at the beginning you must not really fear snowfall on Mallorca. No snow in front of the holiday house on Mallorca must be shoveled so expected. The daytime highs are in the winter to the 15 C. It is naturally slightly cooler at night, here must be expected with about 10 C. Pleasant temperatures so, for beach walks, hikes and excursions in the The Interior of the island. And of course also the one or two sessions can be appreciated.

Mallorca is off (time left out Christmas and new year's Eve) in the low season in the low season - from early November until about the beginning of the Easter holidays - Majorca not too much. At this time, the island is relatively free of tourists and the inhabitants of recharge for the new season. Not all party attractions are open in winter - a fact which rather upsets the most Winterers. In the hotel or holiday home in Mallorca? Anyone who spends the winter in the hotel, enjoy the utmost comfort. Just several weeks cooking to be and may sound at first paradise to get dressed. But be careful: the luxury can be too monotonous. Every day three times going to the dining room, morning pool, afternoon beach. Some will feel reminded on the film "and every day, Groundhog Day", is caught the player in an endless loop. A holiday home in Mallorca offers as more space, inpidueller allows the day to fashion, and is usually slightly cheaper. Either way, in any case you should try to talk with the operators of accommodation through the price. Many of the remaining must be entertained anyway also in the off season, and cost also abandoned. A booking for a longer period should be a strong argument for an orderly succession. With your own car to Mallorca for a longer stay, grade in the holiday house on Mallorca, a mobile base is essential. Whether hiking in the mountains, to the beautiful Bay in the neighbouring village, or to buy a bus to Palma - is difficult. Sure you can negotiate in the off-season with the rental of the price. A longer travel time, but also the accessibility by car is worth considering.

A trip across the globe in the Carnival goes to it everywhere colorful in the world. Rio de Janeiro is not the only place where South American music is heard and dances a disguised celebration municipality to the rhythms. The flight booking portal fluege.de reported, how and where is celebrated in other cultures. International Customs and traditions come together in Berlin from 11 to 13 June. Their music mixes to a noisy celebration of African marimba, Samba, salsa, flamenco and Indian Raga. Music is also in the capital of England. The music is characterized by many African American inhabitants and their ancestors. On several stages and in the streets of the city music is played by 28 to August 29, 2011.

Fluege.de offers numerous flights to London to low savings rates. Further afield, Carnival is celebrated in Tenerife. Especially the coronation of the Queens of Carnival there is a glittering and colorful spectacle that attracts many tourists. The so-called Reinas have stunning panels and a fancy headdresses. The second largest Carnival in the world takes place between January and March. The Carnival in Tel Aviv finds its origin in the Jewish religion. To celebrate of the salvation of the Jewish people, friends and family come together on the 20th of March, present, and give alms to the poor.

The most recent Carnival, however, takes place in Aalborg, Denmark. Dance the street' here is the meaningful motto of Carnival. The peculiarity is a competition of carnival groups of around the world, which danced from 22 to 28 May. More information: news.fluege.de/... University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann