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I confess, and frankly, that many of the programs broadcast today go to sleep. The 'TV' brings advantages and disadvantages, but we must control this wonderful device. And yet, television has enormous power over us, perhaps as He says (philosopher) "the most important." One thinks she has replaced the voice of God-the God of all religions, and three pest threatening the 'box of surprises': violence, sex and sensationalism. And in this order, occurring at any time of day or night, we can not deny that our children have become protagonists of violent actions, watch movies, with scenes, hints of sex and violence. Violence begets violence. The worldwide controversy towards pornography, not to the eroticism, has always revolved around everything that leads to crime, the sexual crime, antisocial conduct of the person ...

And since violence begets violence, and is the dish for each day on television, we must banish, as far as possible, within our 'small screen' within football grounds, in our work .. . in our everyday life. Because Ashley Montagu, anthropologist, said: "Learn to Speak cost many months. Learning to love can take years.

No human being is born with hostile or violent impulses, and no one becomes hostile or violent without taking the time to learn it." Our everyday life, today, is a large school of violence, we have to digest for not sowing seeds of violence. "No human being is born with hostile or violent impulses, and no one becomes hostile or violent without taking the time to learn" must be permissive to human behavior, to the cinema, television, but until then line separating good from evil. Vaclav Havel (politician and playwright) once wrote: "Tolerance begins to be a weakness when he begins to tolerate the intolerable things, when you begin to tolerate evil." "Unfortunately there is no mathematical computer to fix the boundary (...)". Television is a medium of mass communication at the global level and in almost every household there are, today, two or three devices. It says, talk, is discussed ... everything seen in different programs, whether more or less significance. (Inside the world of television growing every day soap operas, sitcoms, news reports of heart-pink, having been replaced by black rose genus. And so, without doubt, are issues of privacy of individuals to public land. All this together and rewarded with thousands of euros, after telling lies upon lies that make the players end their troubles and confrontations in the courts of justice: libel, slander, personal attacks, etc..) The TV draws fashion. In the rush to soap operas, and tenders will be passed to the passion for domestically produced TV sitcoms and football. Thus, the boom that is taking the information from the heart, which can be framed in a change in trends in programming, imitation and competition strategies, taking into account the fragmentation of audiences. In this sense, at first glance, the genre replaced the black rose. Event programs were giving prominence-in-programming grids, these other more cheerful and better press-programs' press rosa'-full of nuances and words maligned (by insulting).