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The hatred of his own noble origins led him to reveal the basis of a corruption which is neither more nor less than the reality itself covered with the hypocrisy of all ages. Its aberrations are not only allowed but are encouraged by bored and jaded nobles of sex in search of new sensations where the pain is a variant and orgiastic session lewd entertainment which features the Marquis as master of ceremonies. Citations of books Alfonse (Sade) are neat and bounded inserts that places the author in a masterly manner, and the fine description of the fabric of family relationships. Rene, the wife of the Marquis is one of the secondary characters memorable for its transformation before the hurricane of their sensory husband. There are moments not to miss in the novel, especially remember a quote from the Bretton Retif he describes one of the staging of Sade: a beautiful young lady dressed in tulle flower petals transparent mode is harassed by a man dressed in a bumblebee that jacking his thorn in the back on the woman sometimes three bloody punctures then sucks with relish, beyond conception and abhorrent to me is the fact trigger and cause pain to someone, I can not but marvel at the artistic quality and aesthetics of a borderline genius like Sade, there is symbolism in this passage remarkable. Descriptions abound of closures and releases that take full at the time of the French revolution where an active part Marquis fifties and it will scare the beheadings, here falters a little veracity of the author's theory, but it will wielding mob that lacks tact and repels the fine aesthetic sense of the author.