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Many years ago back I got to enjoy it, when still no they were exploited as tourism, simply Leon were what more they took advantage of it and kept a natural virginity of its landscape not altered by modernism. It is characterized by being little inhabited and one could enjoy it widely. Its waves are impressive, stormy, good for surfing, but also dangerous if abused them, by strong currents that occur, own of the Pacific, however, bathe in them is something extraordinary, they generate feelings of joy that makes one to leverage their time, feeling the immensity and power of that sea granted us. As some have written her come familiarly to eat fish with garlic and enjoy a good rum flor de cana, drink typical of the Nicaraguan people. Definitely spend a sunset on these beaches is a wonderful thing by the landscape that is presented and as some suggest is a unique chromatic and natural spectacle: the Sun, in a matter of minutes, sinking beneath the sea and dyed in colors orange and Purple, leaving Juan Venado Island (natural protected area which can be accessed by boat) as special partner to enjoy the evening on the beach. Since then, being these beaches are must enjoy what also offers of las Penitas which for that time was totally Virgin and enjoyed beautifully above all because it offers different waves on a beach of more than 8 km long which has waves all the time. It is said that at the present time, many surfers returned delighted by the force of the waves in some points, while others relax in small waves when the Sun falls gently. The people of las Penitas is lovely, a village of fishermen that very recently surfing was only down a wave without breaking or tricks of any kind. Original author and source of the article.

Barcelona is a tourist city par excellence, and has contributed to that Gaudi and his extraordinary work. Barcelona is, practically, all culture, and as such, is a slightly expensive city. But, although some tourists avoid visiting it, losing a great opportunity, there are alternatives, without letting know memorable streets as the Paseo de Gracia and las Ramblas, and some of these possibilities are totally free. If you want to see art, Barcelona offers many galleries and museums which can enter freely, and some major museums have one day a week that his input is released, such as the Picasso Museum, the most crowded, has free entrance days Sunday of each month. If you prefer the cinema many cultural centres and other centres such as libraries, delivered cycles of documentaries or movies for free entry. For this it is necessary to see the programming of the CCCB, Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, is available on several sites of cultural activities such as the Goethe Institute.

For fun so cute you have to visit the neighborhoods more authentic, in which you can discover a mix of culture and entertainment everywhere. Its cinemas, restaurants and bars are appearing everywhere, we are referring to the Barrio de Gracia, where many couples choose to marry. The Verdi Street is its centre and in the surrounding area you can find many small squares surrounded by terraces and much life around them. Another unmissable neighborhood is El Raval, which became fashionable recently. It houses history, personality and much activity, found in the many bars, cafes and restaurants. Another must-see is the Gothic quarter, Barcelona core. In that place was born the city and on the outskirts are the most important public buildings. Between its streets and squares, you will find countless shops, bars and restaurants.

To have more possibilities to get the juice to your visit enters the site of Barcelona Gratis.com. You can move around the city without spending a Euro, but it has to be when you're there, since the deals appear every day. Another site that can help is without Dinero.Org, in which You will find offerings so great as to reserve seats vacated in private vehicles. And finally something that will guide you in Barcelona. A map indicating the walking distance from any point to your destination. Only need to locate on the site and search for the destination. Now that we know how we will move, let's look at some alternatives of hostels in Barcelona. It is necessary to bear in mind, that one of the attractions of the hostel, besides being cheaper, are the factors surprise you find when you arrive. As with other travelers will share the stay, or the comforts we may have, but this is what makes it an adventure. The idea of getting to know other travellers under the same conditions is a great experience, so the hostel will always be a good choice for the holidays. Some Featured Hostels in Barcelona: Centric Point Hostel Passeig de Gracia 33, Barcelona. It allows booking by Internet. Gothic Point Hostel street Vigatans 5, Barcelona. Located in the Centre of the Gothic quarter and close to Picasso Museum.