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In ends of June, Amanda Seyfried, the actress whom it interpreted the paper of Sophie in MammMia came back to the cinema with a film of the authorship of Gary Winick. Letters for Julieta were the name adoptee for the film, a romantic comedy with the participation of excellent actores. Amanda Seyfried, lives Sophia that is a recognized journalist for excellent historical verifications for an publishing company but its great dream is to be a writer. Sophia goes to pass vacation for Verona with the Vtor fianc (Gael Garci'a). Verona was the Italian city that served of scene for the known history of love of Romeu and Julieta. Vtor is a cook who wanted to open a restaurant and that he had IDO for Verona does not stop being with the fianc but yes to look cheeses, wines, mushrooms? While the fianc deals with the suppliers, Sophia takes a walk for the streets of Verona and is enchanted with a full wall of letters where the women with the broken heart, looked loving advice. Hidden inside of a brick of the wall, Sophie finds a letter written has 50 years, for Claire (Vanessa Redgrave), at the time, one adolecente of 15 years. Claire had been gotten passionate for an Italian youngster, but it did not have courage of if delivering to the love.

When it receives the letter, Claire comes back toward Italy to discover the passion of its adolescence and thus Sophie, Claire and the Charlie grandson (Christopher Egan) embark in a trip to the search of the such Lorenzo Bartolini (Frank Nero). The difficulty to find it was great but it finished for finding after a very cmica trip. Claire and Lourenzo are to live in Italy with the grandson of it and the children of it and Sophia come back toward its native land with Vtor, where he goes to deliver to the publisher of the periodical for where work a news article written for it, with authorization of Claire on the love history. The news article is published and in this exactly day, Sophie receives a letter from Claire to invite for its marriage. What it will happen later?