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it added the Jellyfish. - Serenita Counts to us there, where you were to know a Centauro. it continued the Octopus. - It was in Marcha for the Peace. Here in the sea, nadavmos us e, in the land, at the same time, many species marched for the Peace in the world. I wanted to observe to see as he was and my look crossed with the one of that one centauro pretty and was gotten passionate. it answered, to cry of new. If to calhar I come back never more it to see! It needs the land to live and I need the sea.

The animals had been in silence. How could they help Serenita? As it could offer a shell to Centauro, that so far was? The Albatroz, that until the o moment had been silent, considered: - I can fly very fast, until the o country of the centauros, and take it to it your Serenita shell. Thus, it will know that you are with it. - Serenita Looks at, - said the Whale? you could also order a message to it for the Albatroz, to combine the day where if they can see. - And that day would be this? Serenita questioned. of that it serves one day in one year so great, so great! - Serenita, listening me, - the Carp asked for.

The love does not have days, because it is stops beyond the time. If, in one day of the year, you will be able to see the Centauro, you will know that it exists and is only for you and it will know that you exist and are only for it. Serenita was thoughtful. The friends looked at for it to the wait of a decision. - Albatroz? please, it says to the Centauro I will visit that it every year, in day 333. The friends suspiraram of relief. How good that Serenita aquietava its heart! - In all the other days of the year? it added Serenita? I will live the love to the same one, because love has many forms, many sizes, many colors? I will be able to take shells to many, many hearts.

asked the mother, aflita. You left for spoon nectar and delayed in such a way to come back. still came back thus, without tail, my son! Some predator pursued to it? - Not, mother said Astolfo. Thing happened me it more stranger of this world! It was then that Astolfo noticed that the mother was encircled with the colibris of the neighborhood. Colibris never is congregated, but its mother was so aflita that all the neighborhood if achegou to help it.

They looked at it to all scared and worried. It looked the face of its mother and saw a tear to leave its teeny right eye and to drain for biquinho I finish, delicate, but long. - My son, in this season of acasalamento, with this its appearance, will not have colibrizinha that he wants to be cortejada by you! Oh heard sonorous! enters the gifts in the ramagem of the hibisco. Astolfo continued: - I left for spoon nectar. All know that at this time it is very difficult to obtain food.

He is very dry and it almost does not have flowers. But I sighted great flowers beautifully and colorful, very showy. I was until them. I had that to enter in a species of tunnel to reach them, but which was not my surprise when discovering that they were not truth flowers! They were made of a hard material, without I smell, taste and fontezinha of nectar did not have at least one! The other curious colibris looked Astolfo. At that time of the year it was common to be come across with dry flowers. But hard flowers, without none I smell or taste or without> Oh heard sonorous! , followed of grumbles. All were very curious. They believed that another dimension existed, but none colibri known had obtained to enter and to come back alive to count as it was. Astolfo continued: - I entered in desperation. I tried in go to transpose that barrier, but as she was hard! He was, yes, transparent, but I did not obtain to pass to the other side. Tired of> exclamaram the other colibris. The eyes vidrados in Astolfo. - The giant continued to catch trying me and I esquivava of it of all the ways. Until it to arrest obtained me with its claws. In they go, I tried agrediz it with mine> Is my end! I thought. - But as you obtained to escape of the giant, Astolfo? asked, curious, new its irmozinho. - This is that he is strange. When I gave for me, vi in my front the tunnel for where had entered. Suddenly, the giant was with open claws e, in a consequence, flied with all the speed of mine asinhas! I reached this dimension again. I never flied so fast in all my life. Now I am in security All the colibris of the hibisco turn the physical state Astolfo. The thin penalties of its corpinho were arrepiadas and without brightness and its tail it did not have a fuzz at least. The mother of Astolfo was proud of the bravery of the son: - Astolfo, never before in history our hibisco one colibri> inquired Bia blinking the shining olhinhos. - Oh, clearly that yes, Bia! said happy Astolfo with one sorrisinho. Moral of history: The bravery and the courage are valid more than what the beauty.>

It passed little of the ten hours when famliFire if prepared to initiate its vacation of summer. A rich family, donade great companies and industries, most of them of matches, from there oapelido Fire. They were only three: the father, the mother and an only son. Xavier, also known as Mr. Fire. Omandachuva of the family was a high man and lean, always serious, soul was dedicated due and to the work. Enormous eyes chestnuts, black hair starting to aaparecer white wires, Mr.

Fire mame look like to be much more old of what suaverdadeira age. Sanny, also known as Mrs. Fire. Anica woman, of the house can be said that domundo is not one of the people simplest. Different of the husband, Mrs.

Fire was a glad person, principalmentese was in a beauty hall. All had looser many competitions of belezadurante asua life, but it was evident that its blue eyes, great and blond hair and seucorpo would perfeitoconvenceria any jury. Finally, the small Firezinho. A boy decinco years, that its age stops was very high; he fisicamentelembrava very cried out Mr. Firedo side of it are of its house, to the side of its car. Close dalios cats neighboring they played it with a small yellow ball and accidentally abola entroudentro of the car for the door that was half-opened, thus making dirty of mud ondetocava. H? Sanny! - Why these berros, Xavier? perguntoua Mrs. Fire, who came gasping under the weight of the luggages. - She sees what its delay made asked for to an gasping voice minsculae. It was the Firezinho, all it was sweated and to pareciater run kilometers. - Where it is that you were? asked to the Sr.Fire, placing the last luggage in the car. - I was of the one tchau to the cats of the street answered the boy strengtheing vozpara that it understood it for the father.