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The issue was that this was repulsive, night after night of rock and roll became tiresome. David upset by this situation, did the following night with me at his side before anyone approached her drink hat, removed his dentures and maxillary dipped in her drink, then put it, approached the host and asked again if he could invite a sip of his drink and said: a of course. I could not help yourself from laughing at the time, and further, When asked what David has found a following and No Arrogant by chance? This served as a holy remedy, and no one to war, his drinking anymore. In the rock, (as another opportunity to tell them) worked singing duo was emblematic of our native song a The Ascoy Limenita and singers of folk music veterans. Brothers, Rosita and Alejandro Ascoy. Rosita by his advanced age, had a very special character.

A very special detail in it, is that he was very jealous, artistically speaking, did not like to sing just like that other artist in the rock, claiming the owner was walking him, when he hired someone else for the job. On one occasion Carlos Bulnes (owner of the rock) hired a quena players for the show. The quena players took as a stage name a The charapa and oroa quena (charapa you say to the people of our Peruvian jungle) The man had a witch-like appearance and this did not like nadita Rosita. I speak with the owner to throw him out, but Carlos Bulnes knew their weaknesses and Rosita ignored him. For David Gomero, this was a special argument to give free rein to their imagination despicable. A hidden prepared with napkins and a few sticks of matches, a kind of satanic doll, to put hairs. Then it was where Rosita, showed it and said, a Mira Rosita Charapa has done, and I found it near your carterae you can imagine the reaction of Rosita to learn of this supposed curse that he wanted to do the Charapa, where Carlos Bulnes ran to tell her what happened. At the end of each night of rock, when customers were gone and only the musicians were left to collect our days of work, was beginning to a the penitaa which consisted of one share: songs, jokes and youthful of all musicians, but who made the difference with his imagination hilarious, it was always David Gomero. His wit native, was a healthy spark, without appearing rude, it was rather a spark palomillezca, will always be remembered with great joy and sadness at a time.