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Of course, everyone knows what threats may lie in wait for our pets outside the home, and try every possible way to prevent them. But your quiet comfortable home, however, is full of dangers for the furry inhabitants. Consider some of them: 1. Open windows. Fear of heights is often lacking not only in cats but in dogs and rabbits. If the cat can remain unscathed after falling from a considerable height (it should be noted that the most to them hazards are 2-3 floors, as in this case the animal did not have time to regroup for the correct landing), then for the rest of pets like intsendent can be fatal.

Do not leave animals unattended in indoors with the windows open, and for greater precaution, use mosquito nets or "vertical ventilation". 2. Electrical wires. They are of particular interest not only for rodents and dogs. Quite bred adult cat suddenly may want to try the tooth cable or wire under tension. In pet stores sell special tool - "antigryzin" with a very bitter taste and peculiar smell, hardly noticeable to humans, but unpleasant for animals. Treat them all the available wires, even if your pet does not show respect to them no interest so far (in animals as in humans, the occurrence of "bad habits "is easier to prevent than to get rid of it). "Antigryzin" can be replaced by mustard or pepper tincture.

3. Piercing-cutting items. It's not about knives, but about a completely innocuous-looking plastic toys, household items, and and long bones.

I've already talked about the fact that the most common allergens - house dust. During molting short hair frantsuschskih Bulldogs invisible layer on the floor and furniture, and fix it can only wet cleaning. Get a mop with "press" attachment to bucket - washing floors, even several times a day will cease to be torture. Sweeping with a broom, in my opinion - no more than gonyanie dust around the room. 4. Very high quality, efficient, but, unfortunately, expensive thing - air purifier.

A good cleaner is worth about 20.000 rubles. Options for 5-10 thousand - just a low-powered air conditioner. A good purifier kills bacteria, ionizes the air (which is admittedly difficult to test for practice) and eliminates odors. The last quality check is very simple: to bring the purifier lit cigarette - he immediately begins to work more powerful. 5.

Aerate the window - no comments. 6. Wash your dog at least once a week. From a purely washed the dog, my husband can hug a few consecutive days (with breaks). 7. Dog wash the groin area as often as possible, ideally - once a day. 8. Do not forget to wash and rinse dog bedding and couches. Furniture, which has a dog, should also be treated with a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. What not to do: 1. Restrict dogs to communicate. After the cry: "Get away from me!" And hitting his hands, you can not explain intelligibly the dog that "the Pope allergy", but distrust and dislike of call for sure. Better after contact with the dog to go and wash your hands safely. 2. Dramatically change the lives of dogs in the house after the onset of allergy - forbid them to sleep in a chair, climb on the kitchen sofa. For the reason indicated in the preceding paragraph. 3. Do not overdo. Do not let yourself and not allow others to perceive dogs as a source of allergies - if your child picks up an infectious disease, you do not will begin to shy away from it? 4. Do not be fooled by their puppy buyers. Speaking as easily get on in your house people with allergies and French bulldogs, you tell half-truths. Do not keep silent and what efforts this will apply: not everyone is willing to radically change the way of life. 5. It is important that you not only eliminated the sources of allergies, but allergies and he was alert: Do not put the naked body clothes with sticky hair, not hiding rug, from which only the tears that dog. Not so long ago, my husband dried himself after a shower big "dog" with a towel - the truth, he noticed something was wrong. Well done, you have to be careful. 6. Do not make the disease a cult. Sometimes, not at all get to keep an eye - Neutralize conflict situations, pay them a joke. And one more thing. I have known cases where, by blackmailing an allergy, the couple were forced to get rid of the second half of the dogs. And often it is is and without any allergies. This is also a "cure", but in another way.

Cherry shrimp caught in aquariums Russian lovers recently. Nevertheless, these already well won affection aquarists. The fact that it is not just bright, but very unpretentious crustaceans. They are ready exist in a very considerable range of temperatures, stiffness, and the acidity of its environment. They just do not tolerate contact with Aquarium of the copper ions, ammonia and toxic compounds. Harmful to them as sharp fluctuations in temperature and hardness / pH, although the smooth variations of shrimp is not harmed. Of the special requirements of cherries to the aquarium is worth noting the mandatory presence of shelters - many small-leaved plants, grottoes and the similar.

Feeding cherry shrimp too does not make difficulties. In fact, they quietly subsist themselves, eating the algae from the surfaces of their homes. There are also special feed for shrimp, but they should not be abused - overfeeding for cherries dangerous. If we add to what has been said that good cherries give the offspring, without requiring them to create special conditions, and their young requires absolutely no maintenance, it is quite understandable growing popularity of these shrimp. Calm nature neokardinok allows you to keep it as it is in krevetochnike, and together with the fish. As neighbors they had better choose a peaceful and sluggish fish. Wonderfully suited for these shrimp content in the plant aquarium - they are perfectly fulfill the role of cleaners, eating conferva. This allows us not to add water special preparations for the destruction of conferva and stain the underwater world of green. If you - just plan to buy an aquarium, it can safely start Neokardina shrimp as their first pet. This active, vibrant and undemanding animals, which can monitor day and night!

By the same token frame aquariums can not move, do not sink first completely water. The aquarium usually contain several species of fish. When selecting fish for sharing content, you must first pay attention to that match the requirements of the conditions of their housing and feeding. Than more different kinds combine in a tank, the harder it is to create optimum conditions for each fish. However, the majority of fish species live in a fairly wide range of conditions, especially as they can to a large extent adapt to conditions other than optimum. For example, the neon can be kept in water with temperatures ranging from 16 to 28-30th at the rigidity of 1 to 20 at the same time, these and many other fish lose their ability to multiply after detention in conditions not suitable for them.

When purchasing fish, it is necessary to pay attention to their age. If there are no special considerations, such as the need for emergency landing on the spawning, it is better to take young fish, as they are better acclimatized to the new usloviyah.V large party of young fish is best to choose the larger specimens, and adult specimens are medium in size. Should not take small "overextended" the fish. Exception are those cases where it is difficult to distinguish between the floor and when they choose a few of the largest and the smallest number of instances of young fish to increase the likelihood of obtaining an equal ratio of fish of both sexes, as it has place, for example, the selection of angelfish and some other cichlids.

For many years, since ancient Persia and India, and to this day, Rose is a special, delightful flower. Reverent attitude is constantly accompanied by her, it symbolized the beauty and love, beautiful bouquets of roses decorated, and adorn the residences of the nobility and power. Exquisite rosaries, where to find the best varieties of roses are the adornment of palaces and villas today, as well as a century ago. With these beautiful flowers, many related to personal memories. Komuto they helped to establish new, romantic relationship, kama is to strengthen old ones. Roses are a part of culture, and substantial source of income of some States, a symbol of secret and open societies.

Color and flavor of roses for a long time adored by many. Love the rose is not Veen our era - long before the formation of European civilization admired her and admired in ancient India. She admired the Maharaja and the local know about her legends. A mandatory attribute of the palace of the era were the bouquets of roses and gardens, along the tracks groove, which were filled with rose water, so that the scent of roses did not leave the owners of the palaces on the streets. Caravans carried the news about these wondrous colors on the entire East. After hearing about them, the Persian Shah, lovers of beauty and luxury become breeding roses in her gardens. So Persia (today Iran) has become one of the centers of breeding roses. Love the roses quickly spread to the whole of Persia, and for those on the whole east.