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Located on the North coast of the Valencian Community, the municipality of Peniscola belongs to the region of the low Maestrazgo. It is located on a rocky platform attached to Earth through an isthmus: Peniscola is a peninsula. In the past, this geologic formation served the city as a defence system, since when the isthmus was flooded was left buried underwater, hampering access to the city. In fact, the name of Peniscola emerge as a merger between pena and peninsula. Tourists who have chosen to stay in a rental apartment Peniscola you can enjoy a long beach and several coves with charm, but the biggest attraction of this city is the castle of Papa Luna. The history of Papa Luna began in 1394, after the death of Clement VII, when he was elected Pontiff Pedro de Luna, who happen to be from that moment Benedicto XIII. He won 20 of 21 votes. However, France was opposed to this Pope, that they doubted his loyalty to the French monarchy being the Pontiff minion Moon of the Crown of Aragon. information. Official site: Jorge Perez.

So much so that in the year 1398 France left Avignon headquarters to support politically and financially, pressuring Benedicto XIII that he renounce the papacy. He refused giving rise to the famous saying followed on its heels. Due to the strong pressure from the French, in 1411 Pope Luna decided autoexiliarse in Peniscola, establishing the Pontifical seat there. According to legend, when Papa Luna wanted to flee from his castle in Peniscola had forced to sculpt a staircase that led to the sea. At work the papal ring fell into the water, a wonderful gem that was never found.

He is also that this controversial character hid a document known as Codex Imperial, which had been written by the Emperor Constantine at his fortress. This parchment would be to expose an enigma that would hesitate the faith of every believer. The death of Papa Luna the pontiffs who attended the search several were of the parchment. However, his whereabouts remains a mystery today. The castle of Papa Luna began to be built in 1294 and its promoters were the enigmatic Templars, whose intention was to achieve the maximum resemblance with the castles of the Holy land. Nowadays the castle of Papa Luna is perfectly conserved, and inside visitors who have opted for a rental apartment in Peniscola can get an idea of austerity and sobriety that wrapped the life of the Pontiff. Surrounded by Mediterranean waters, it is worthy of a visit thoroughly. In addition, at the exit of the Castle you will find numerous bars and posts where to buy souvenirs. At night the Castle area also comes to life: the great variety of restaurants invite the decanting of people through the streets of the fortress, where we can also find with traditional craft stalls, pubs and some more hidden chill-out where taking a cocktail listening to the sound of the sea beneath our feet.