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But to find this place, we must stop looking within the framework of this world. Freedom is beyond this world In our world, people are anything but free. We do not choose the family, natural talents or qualities. As children we were constantly influenced by our parents and teachers. Growing up, society and the media virtually dictate to us all: what to wear, what to be, to which to aspire, how to think, what to eat, and who love. What is beautiful or ugly, right or wrong, good manners, ways of speaking and behaving. Naturally, it is not easy to accept the idea that there is no freedom in our world.

But once we realize this, we begin to wonder what the purpose of all this, and then we are on the road to true freedom. The answer to the question, "What is the purpose of life" holds the key to our freedom. We have all asked this question at least once: "Why are we here? Where do we come? Is there a purpose to our personal and global experiences? Where do we go? Society makes them feel convenient to ignore these questions. It is socially best seen being carried away by the tide of life to ask the meaning of it. Therefore, when such questions arise, we avoid trying to give a true answer.

So extravagant industry entertainment arises from our attempts to escape the search of the meaning of life. We carry out numerous activities, we received tons of unnecessary information, we stare at the television for hours, surf the Net, watch movies, going to Disneyland, and what not?, Anything to keep us distracted. The mere idea of being without distractions frightens us. We are, in fact, suppressing precisely the question that brings us to the freedom we love so much. Instead of trying to escape our lives, we can transform them into a totally different experience, in a permanent and perfect vacation, where we feel only the pleasure increases. Do you think this is something that does not exist in our world? Well, you're right, there, here, but there is elsewhere. How do we get there? It begins with a simple decision: stop running. In fact, questioning the meaning of life is the beginning of our connection to the source of happiness, the general system of nature. In other words, answer this question and connect with this system are generally synonymous. To achieve this connection, it is a gradual process that takes place within us. So to get to freedom is not necessary to climb mountains, travel to the other end of the world or trying to escape from everyday life, you just have to let this question wake up and lead us inside. Then, the path to perfection is open before us and we will be on the road to true freedom and eternal.

Envy pointed out the virtues of the envied, and the desvirtudes of the envious. Globalization is a fact, where all countries are involved in different ways that significantly influence the cultural, economic, political, social, education, technological. Therefore, it is an issue that cannot be avoided, should be taken into account by management in order to guarantee the company under their charge, a participation favourable, taking into account the opportunities that arise, threats, weaknesses and strengths. Be considered, that in the last twenty-five years of the century twenty and beginning of the 21st, there have been three revolutions. These revolutions occurred in transport, communications, and finance. Globalization is the result these revolutions. Globalization can be understood from two points of view: 1.

at the macro level, can be defined as the result of a historical process that promotes change towards a model of market economy in which there are no barriers to international trade and a social cohesion takes place. 2. At the micro level, it is the result of a growth in the use of flexible forms of production which tend an international application instead of a national one. It is known that there was a first wave of globalization from the late 1800s until the first world war. The second wave of globalization is that we are living.

It starts then it breaks or collapses the Berlin wall by putting an end to the era called the cold war. Now the world is not faced by ideological reasons, nor military, confrontation is by the conquest of markets and by the conquest of knowledge, within a global or planetary vision that is facilitated thanks to the revolution of information technology and communications. The truth, which is essential to understand the impact of globalization on the three most important aspects of development: social, to determine how a social balance in this new progress of humanity towards the conquest of new goals in this new society which is society can be achieved in the knowledge.

April 1, 2011 in Moscow opens an exhibition of the St. Petersburg artist, best watercolorist in North America Misha Lenna. The exhibition "Reflections 2" will be held from April 1 to May 7 at the art gallery "The Tree", at: ul. Malaya Nikitskaya, Building 16. Pictures of the St. Petersburg artist Misha Lenna exhibited in the finest galleries in the world, as well as in private collections of family Mstislav Rostropovich, Mikhail Gorbachev, composer and conductor John Williams, Mark Rozovsky, Actress Olga Kabo, Dariga Nazyrbaevoy, governor of New York George Pataki, singer Diana Krall, the legendary jazz pianist Dave Brubeck, conductor Yuri Temirkanov, the actor John Malkovich. Mozart brushes and paints - well known watercolorist Misha Lenna, winner of an Oscar in the field of fine arts, the prestigious MUSE Awards.

"It combines decorative Klimt, the elegance and grace of Degas, Renoir, romance and energy of Toulouse-Lautrec. Dance permeates his art, as music pours into the soul "- write about him Russian and foreign media. "I look at the world through feelings and try to reflect it through the watercolor. I hope that my "Reflections" will stay with you ..., - says Misha Lenn, an artist of world renown, who created his own style in watercolor technique. Misha wrote poluemotsii, halftone, polusmeh, polugrust, hint. One little girl of eight, one day after visiting the exhibition, said: "I know why the artist depicts the half-face. Because there is both good and bad. " The number of customers Misha Lenna include Harvard University, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Ballet, The St. Petersburg Philharmonic, the magazine Time, Vienna Ball in Moscow," Rive Gauche, International Dog Show in New York Westminster Kennel Club, World Cup Latin American dances in the Kremlin, the firm Calvin Klein, Godiva Chocolatier, Sony.

There are several interesting options to entertain the kids this season. However, it is necessary to take into account the child's age and its financial provision. Take a look at some alternatives. Grandparents' house The cheapest option, no doubt. The Pamper guaranteed and coexistence is also very healthy. But forget the charges. At the home of the grandparents is common some relaxation of standards.

Depending on the age it is important that, together with their children, who often care for them. Thus, the grandparents do not overload. At camp, Chaco and sites is an excellent alternative to seven years. Fun is right and also learn to turn, the more mature home. But before the adoption of this option is good to see the page, and check accompanying the proposal is mainly to do with the profile of your child - the child can before, but when you look outside the siblings and parents just want to go home. This can happen. If you are in your can be safer! Recreation and sport courses, theater, circus, clubs, walks in the forest in the city of children and ecological park ... Any of these options is perfect.

The important wake and children of interactivity and entertainment. Many recreational Since it was impossible to choose the options above, you can create a calendar with your child. Include the company of friends who are also in the city. Suggest a film session, a walk in the park, or arrange a trip for the weekend. It is the interaction with their children and good memories of the holidays. Parents warning is important to encourage children to have a balanced diet every day of the year for healthy growth. Take the kids to parks, clubs, beaches and other open spaces, makes it almost impossible to resist the temptation of sweets rich in sugars and fats and sweets, love apples, popcorn, hot dogs, ice cream, candy wadding , chocolate, soft drinks and Pirulito, among a multitude of others. When you visit the store to buy, please visit: cleanup, health assistants, and how the food is handled. More sports, physical activities and games Children need to burn calories, restrict computer games and video games. In walking, avoid places with large concentrations of people, along with water, such as swimming pools, lakes and beaches, and close the streets and avenues. Attention should be redoubled attention and time of sun exposure. Then you can relax in your Take lots of pictures Good pictures are not merely the result of sophisticated machinery. "Have the time of the click, do a training before pressing the button" Even the simplest machines that cost about 150 can capture good images shown are the most automatic. Identified by the initials HF. They automatically adjust the exposure time of the film and the aperture, through which passes the light makes the image on film.