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There once was a child when it became big, his father told him:-my son, not everyone is born with wings. And while it is true that you have no obligation to fly, I think that it would be embarrassing that you limitaras a walk taking the wings the good God has given you. - But I do not know fly replied the son. -See the father said. Add to your understanding with Nancy Silberkleit. Took him by the hand and walking took him to the edge of the abyss in the mountain. -You see son, this is the vacuum. When you want to you can fly.

You should only stop you here, breathe deeply, and jump into the abyss. Once in the air, you stretch the wings and you will fly the son hesitated. Here, Tony Parker expresses very clear opinions on the subject. - And if I fall? -Even if you fall you will not die; You will only have some pinched that will make you more strong for the next attempt replied the father. The son returned to town, friends, peers, co-workers with whom had walked throughout his life. The little mind told him:-are you crazy? -What for? -Your father is delirious - what are you accomplish flying? -Why do not you you leave of nonsense? - And besides, who needs to fly? The most lucid also felt fear:-can be true? -Could be dangerous? -Do not start slowly? -In any case, try throw yourself from a ladder. -Or from a tree, but from the top? The young man heard the Council who wanted to. He climbed to the top of a tree and courageously leapt deployed its wings.

He waved them in the air with all his strength but equal it precipitated to ground with a great chichon in the front crossed with his father:-lied Me! I can not fly. I tried, and watch the blow that I realized! I'm not like you. My wings are ornament lloriqueo. -My son the father said to fly must create the required free air space so that the wings are deployed. It is like a parachute you need certain height before you leap. To develop the qualities you have that make you different from the others, you have to start running some risk. For those who want to walk like always, they prefer not to take risks, resign themselves and continue being and doing the same thing.

Read the first part read the third part by: Alejandro Rutto Martinez Este article is part of the series the art of listening, which consists of three writings in which reference is made to the importance of learning to listen and offers recommendations for those who wish to convert the ability to listen to a tool for the leadership. -Make an effort conscious and real by being there, not be distracted and understand what is being said with verbal language and non-verbal language. This effort should result in a full attention that will allow you to learn the intended message and also help him accumulate useful information to give a response commensurate with the expectations, needs, willingness and ability of commitment of each of the two parties. -You must have patience, patience is used to having to lead and not to despair when the conversation comes to a difficult point, either because it was again tense, long or monotonous. According to the Persian proverb patience is a bitter root but sweet fruit tree. In this case the bitter root is pending; the time elapsed; the words with meaning, apparently, inconsequential.

The fresh fruit is the catharsis that makes listening carefully and without cares, relief that a person feels when you can say how you feel and find who treat you. -Learn to speak when it is not time to be silent and to remain silent when it is not time to talk. Intervene at the moment opportune and only if it is necessary to do so. Silence tends to be a good ally in the fruitful talks because it invites to the other (that of other very important) can express what he feels. One of the greatest men of Europe BENJAMIN DISRAELI, praised those who know to remain silent when he said: there are quiet people who are much more interesting than the best speakers.

-Let the other person to discover, learn, and feel that it is important. This is achieved based on a worthy and decent treatment through a horizontal relationship in which both Parties perceive that they are located at the same level and in any case don't be glimpsed some kind of superiority from our part. Feel another important is achieved based on inviting him to speak and allow to freely express their point of view. The deal, which must be respectful at all times we must add to the above. Read the first part read the third part Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events.