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Artificial turf is the best choice to enjoy your garden. Its soft texture and looks natural and lifelike, are some of the features that make it the ideal complement to the exterior of your home. Specially designed for penthouses, terraces and gardens; It also complies with applications such as decorative or functional element in swimming pools or garden areas; the artificial turf in Seville will be the best complement to its exterior decoration, providing freshness and originality. In the artificial turf it is appropriate to children and not so young, their leisure time may already spend in a lawn with touch sensitive, offering the possibility of shoes are. Also, can be used by house pets since its composition makes cleaning simple, it is only required water and SOAP. It does not require maintenance or cleaning with special products.

In addition, the artificial lawn sevilla is prepared to resist the impact of UV rays, keeping his touch and original color. The lawn is designed for a long durability and strength, without losing its fluffy texture that gives you comfort. With a good relationship quality price, can enjoy a landscaped with water saving and full warranty and comfort zone.