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Each of you is not seen again now, when fashionable directors and not trying to film some well-known all over the world work. Now the argument will be about a movie based on the book of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, who you are can look at a site where you can watch movies online course to film work incredibly hard. And there was a sense that the reader's expectations did not materialize. However, such abnormalities are not expected, in my opinion, no. In order to get as much as necessary to mutilate a book you should try. Take a look at "Dorian Gray" and you can easily see what talent is different from parasitism. Although there is no.

Do not watch this movie in any case. Martyshkino labor director Oliver Parker's simply disgusting. A director must not only be able to use modern advances, but also skillfully select actors, editing a novel. And most importantly - work should bring an inner sense, some morale, encourage people to think about something, something present in the life, leave a trace behind. Parker, no doubt left a mark. Yes, this ugly, that we will long remember this.

Can be directed relaxed? And it took a video of someone else. Looking at the number of works by this director, we see that he clearly does not possess talent. If the reader all did decide to learn, make sure you watch movies online In the film, apart from classroom decorations see more, unfortunately there is nothing. But despite this, certainly not suitable actors for the role. Absolutely no one cute actress. Perhaps this is a new branch in art? Well, irresistible Colin Firth, and even laid out performed his rolkak could, but it is not suitable for the role of Lord Henry. And Ben Barnes? ! Gray also blondinesty! A dialogue? The arguments of the characters are terrible and listen to them is absolutely impossible. I am confident that this movie will be memorable and one that the spectator can no remorse recommend to colleagues for review. I can say, instead of the road to better remove the book, movie theater and worship. From this most likely will be a great benefit. And if the audience did decide to read all, make sure you better watch movies online

Only about Japanese films can be said thin film as silk and strong as sake. Cherry blossoms, samurai, attention to detail - this is part of the multi-faceted fabric of Japan. Japanese films have collected a sensuality and beauty, but also time depth, magnificent nature, though created by the most in love of the gods. As an art form Japanese cinema came of the nineteenth century. And in 1908 he opened in Japan, opened the first studio. But the whole movie industry developed according to the laws of the theater, all roles were played by men. 'Golden Age' of Japanese cinema has a 50-60s of last century. In the film industry of any country has its own heroes which equals, in which the study.

Japan Movies securely fastened talent Takeshi Kitano. To some they may seem tragic and cruel to someone, and comic krasivymii. But all of the palette combines music, love, and landscapes Brother yakuza, Sonatine, Zatoichi ... All movies Kitano independent. But at the same time, they clearly reflect the nature of its rights and modernity. Japanese producers continue to love the bold outline image of the samurai. Among a number of films with such a moral idea Vasumitra stand. This film is about two friends who dream of leaving home.

Money girls earn trade my body. Heard a story about a prostitute Vasumitre conquering men, they seem fun. And this leads to a child does not end. Vasumitra - is incomparable Japanese autumn, which smells of coffee strength. It is the soul and the demons are wide open - so that it is possible to touch them. Of course, we can not forget about the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. The film full of myths about Japan. But no matter how critical of this picture, she is extremely beautiful fairy tale. Cinema of Japan - it's aesthetic beauty and depth. High-quality Japanese film is good because it is inexhaustible.

The appearance of color in the movie is very slow, as the addition of sound. Technically possible to create a satisfactory color quality movies appeared in the 30s, and in 1939 removed one of the first color quality films, which gained immense popularity among the audience - at the time the new movie 'Gone With the Wind', modern sustainable advantage in quality of color film to black and white, began to take shape in the 60-70th. Besides all this, gradually began to improve the characteristics of film, which increased its sensitivity, allowing in many cases forced to do without additional lighting, shoot in difficult conditions. With each year development of cinema was getting quality that helped to win new viewers and fans of color film. After the war, the development of cinema was to some extent due to the social and political tendencies.

In the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe after the 'thaw' comes a surge of cinema at this time is new and interesting films are removed, new famous names. In Western Europe at this time continue to experiment with new ways of conveying the psychological mood of the characters, the psychological expression, as in the U.S. - on the contrary, the movie follows the path of strengthening clean entertainment. Later, under pressure of competition from television in the U.S. even stronger tendency to create expensive, with many special effects and decorations, movies - 'blockbusters'. Last, the most significant innovations in the film are connected with the beginning of widespread use of computer graphics, and not only in those cases, and scenes where the picture is something difficult by conventional means, but almost everywhere. One of the the most advanced in terms of total use of computer graphics was the film 'The Matrix', and computer effects (along, of course, with an extraordinary and deeply thought-out script) provided the film a huge success. Now computer graphics, allowing you to easily implement unobtrusive on-screen 'blending' removed from real life and introduce computer-assisted image sets new standards of realism and entertainment (where it For complex and unusual scenes) film.

Sixth of May this year of 2010, fans of cinema, film critics and the audience just cheered and scared at the same time - on the wide cinema screens out the long-awaited sequel to the world of one of the most popular horror films all times. This is the premiere of "Nightmare on Elm Street." If you dare, and make a list of the most anticipated movie prime years, this film would have won easily in the top ten, as loyal fans of the hero in striped sweater, hat, and with awesome piercing and cutting his hand around the world hundreds of millions. The premiere provoked a rapid boom in movie theaters around the world, crowds of spectators wanting to get tickets for browsing, stood in the endless lines, simultaneously managing to share expectations for the meeting with an old acquaintance with others and understanding their fellow tribesmen, have breakfast, drink coffee. Auditoriums packed to the limit on the street is going to people in the hope to get to the next session (thanks to withstand one and a half hours for this connoisseur of film culture is not a problem), the light goes out in the halls, for a moment silence captures the enormous space, and the frozen hearts of audiences - have begun the opening credits. "After cardiac arrest, brain functions 7 more minutes" - the most memorable phrase expression in the entire movie. End: people leave the theater with mixed feelings - like all got what they wanted and then Freddie cute with the burnt face, and how many murders have, but something is still wrong. Tolley creators too clever by half with pidofeliey villain., Roofing felts with it ubistvom, roofing felts with it as unexpected return just before the final credits. One can only wonder: what was the movie viewer's time? Is it any kind of movie a new horror film "Nightmare on Elm Street ', the money that was spent on its creation.

Domestic audience was waiting for a picture before the 1st April 2010 and, in my opinion, has not received any large-scale steel or special advertising this movie. What is surprising is doubly and trebly, because on the same tape cut off Berlin Film Festival Silver Bear of three: the principal male roles (2 pieces) and the best operator, or rather "contribution to cinema" for the operator P. Kostomarov. Here in this place in our history we have defiantly ignore the skeptical voices of those who did not like the movie and who say that, apparently, the rest films, the contestants have been worse, but simply a disc with the movie will present to all those who radeet of national cinema and good to contemplative dramas. Viewing experience at home, not on the big screen, did not suffer, maybe even vice versa. Beautiful scenery enchanting, but the action that develops in the film smoothly and slowly, require more immersion than the usual action-already-special effects pictures.

With my own eyes saw a couple of disenchanted, squeeze to the door and mutter something about "nudyatinu and tyagomotina." The funny thing is that guys can be understood! Promised "intense passions" (and this was one of a few posters), and might live, if somewhat unusual, at least talk and a lot of close-ups and strange reactions. Those who went to the distributors promised a psychological thriller, and altogether may be sorry. Although if you want to, "How I spent this summer," you can find all of the above.

At the beginning of the XXI century the world faced with the problem, not new, but constantly growing - the drug problem. These chemicals, which for many are replaced by happiness and even life, was devoted to the many books and films. One of the most outstanding masterpieces of cinema, showing that such drugs are and what they produce - a film by American director Darren Aronofsky 'Requiem for a Dream. " First of all, the film tells not only about the dangers of drugs, but about the extremely dangerous effects on society relationships in general. Depending not only on chemicals, but also from such things as television and even the food.

Any interest which are given to the extreme, can become dangerous - shows us the film 'Requiem for a Dream. " Each character of the film depend on its own, Harry and his friend from drugs and unfulfilled dreams about money, Harry's mother - the desire to become famous and to love for delicious food, the girl Harry - from dream to become independent. All these dreams are broken from the fact that the characters are wrong ways to implement them. This way, knowingly false, - drugs. But they can not understand this: Sarah Goldfarb, Harry's mother, not even a suspicion that a drug for weight loss, drawn to her doctor, there is a real drug, amphetamine. Characters of the film step by step, kill the ability to realize their aspirations and at the same time sure that they are getting closer and closer to the realization of dream, when in fact they just wallow in their own illusions, their delays artificially created their minds have gone astray a world where their dreams can only play Requiem. The denouement is approaching, they are far from a dream, but the way back from the world of illusions and impossible dreams do not - they originally went on the wrong track, which led them to a complete collapse. The fact that the true value tampered with short-term pleasures, and is the main heroes of the tragedy of 'Requiem for a Dream', the tragedy of irreversible due to the fact that the heroes themselves are no longer able to look objectively at what is happening. Do not give dependencies take precedence over other, Darren Aronofsky tells us in his film, because the price it all: true happiness, dreams and lives.