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The idea of the providers and internal customers is used to emphasize the fact that, to satisfy the end customer, all within the company have a customer who needed to satisfy. Ultimately, the consumer is always the judge of quality. Process Management - The goods and services demanded by customers are produced and delivered, by elements coming from different parts of the company. These various individual activities can be addressed collectively, as a process that could be conceived in the sense of obtaining total customer satisfaction. Total Quality companies, recognize that this core business process needs to be conceived, directed and managed, to meet customer expectations, so lucrative. All the barriers placed at the performance are systematically identified, analyzed and collapsed.

These barriers may be in terms of arbitrary functional divisions between people, bureaucracy, or simply working methods just defined. Continuous Improvement - The idea that perfection in the business context is impossible, and that the only meaningful goal is the continuing struggle to improve something that was achieved. The goal is to make things right immediately to the first and then start to improve. The Japanese use the word 'Kaizen' to describe this approach, in which everyone in the company are committed to getting every day, small gains in performance. This means that, over time, many thousands of ideas for improvement, all motivated by the goal of customer satisfaction will be included in the business process. Involvement and Mobilization of All - Total Quality organizations recognize that people who are, at present, to perform certain function, are in prime position to know what is to happen, and how to achieve more effectively the desired improvements performance. This perception leads directly to the conclusion that all staff should have the confidence, knowledge and technique needed to translate this potential into action.

The mobilization involves grant of authority based on knowledge, skill and training, the person is in a better position to provide quality customer service. Quality Objectives and Orientation of Advancement - Achieving Total Quality is a commitment in the long term, for any business. The role of meaningful targets, and constitute a challenge in terms of advancement, it is vital to the process of defining a clear perception of the priorities for action and recognition of success. The establishment and communication of the objectives of quality improvement, online business plan, provide a powerful source of motivation that is open to all, establishing a mechanism for a self-management and a platform for the recognition of individual and team success . By the power of these five fundamentals, while potentially valuable in itself for the organization, is unlocked through a committed leadership that is transforming the dynamics of these ideas common sense in a business strategy that bets worldwide. The leadership, or lack thereof, is often a major obstacle to the transformation to quality. Only total commitment and involvement of the entire organization, starting with top management, can guarantee the successful implementation of the quality of the company, it is necessary to win the support and commitment of the entire workforce. Generally the attitude of the operators is determined, hair that they think that management expects of them. It is therefore essential that the management clearly and objectively define the objectives in relation to quality.