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Then 'Summer Garden' is introduced to Igor Popov, a businessman from Riga. Then he was quite influential. Popov took the group in several of its programs 'Fortune'. Thanks to him, Tanya met with Vladimir Matetskiy and Raimonds Pauls, who wrote a song for her. First, basically, for Taney wrote Nicholas Tagriny, made arrangements, and she took no special part.

The boys showed the material and they developed the idea. Was determined task to write dance music for young people. In the limiting Tanya has performed in many cities, and in 1993 they arrived with a group in the Far East, the concerts have been every day of two weeks in a row and had full houses. That's when Tanya was sitting in dressing room for the first time realized that after all, flying as many miles across the country, even here all know and love her, so she did a famous singer. On one of his speeches in 1993, Tatiana presented the first Hippo - White, fluffy, with a pink bow, and a tummy he sat cub. He became its mascot. In an interview with Tanya mentioned a favorite toy, and it literally filled up those toys.

Tanya began to give not only the small Hippo plush, their size is not limited by anything, the singer has a very crumbs are placed on the palm, and beasts in human growth. Tanya said that her affection is justified. Let no one can deny that more cute and clumsy beast is hard to find in them is something touching, helpless.