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' Photo and video with raspberry PI' shows how to use the mini computer hair/Munich for professional photo projects, 22 January 2014 among hobbyists is the raspberry PI already a classic, but also for ambitious amateur photographers is he now to the standard accessories. Photo and video with raspberry PI from the Franzis Verlag provides instructions how you promoted his camera to a new level with the minicomputers. Whether the book photo and video with raspberry delivers PI focus stacking, time lapse recording, or high speed photos, detailed instructions for a cost-effective implementation of these techniques. Without expensive hardware and software, photo techniques were so far cannot focus stacking as high speed photography. The mini-computer raspberry Piandert the.

With a little programming knowledge, the best-selling author E.F.. Engelhardt in his new photo and video with raspberry PI vividly conveyed, complicated techniques can be easily implemented. Makes either the photos the camera module of the raspberry PI Foundationoder an own DigiCam, which is via HDMI port with connect the mini-computers. The author has developed all projects themselves and photographed for example a falling water drop, experimented with different lenses and even shows how to build your own digital camera. Photo and video with raspberry PI is the right book for all photographers so having the fun to try new, to achieve unique effects. And who finds pleasure in tinkering and building, who can venture on the project, to build his own camera sled, or to install a face detection for the front door. Price and availability the FRANZIS book photo and video with raspberry is PI from 27 January 2014 in specialist shops or published under for Euro 30,00 available.

A look at the book is provided on the product pages. Title: Photo and video with raspberry PI Publisher: Franzis author: E. F. Edwards pages: 240 Softcover ISBN 978-3-645-60314-0 bind about Franzis Verlag GmbH experiment, photography, programming that are the subjects of Franzis book and software publisher headquartered in hair at Munich. Since its inception in the 19th century the technical publishing house is committed to the task, to impart practical knowledge creative and inventors, and helping them to the passionate self developing. With the physical-computing PlatformArduinoTM sells FRANZIS is one of the main products for the emerging maker movement, stands at the technical creative Erfindertum in the foreground. More information on the Franzis product portfolio can be found under.

The epic narrative of this notable mining writer is distinguished it dither of Brazilian lands, described of wonderful form and curious, of this form, the Ufanismo is presented, that is ' ' attitude or feeling of who if vainglory exageradamente of the beauties, wealth and advantages of the Brasil' ' (Blacksmith, 2001, P. 735). This workmanship, ' ' Caramuru' ' , it presents for the society the dither of the Brazilian lands, whose concern of the poet was to tell of careful form, describing with precision of realistic base and wealth of details the nature. It is excellent to stand out that Saint Rita Duro to describe of realistic form was also felt inspired in the proud myth and through all a library of information on the land that constitua the literature of Information that they had been ' ' The first writings of our life necessarily register the instauration of the process: They are information that travelling and European missionaries had harvested on the nature and the man brasileiro' ' (Bosi, 2006, P. 13). In this manner it consists informative literature with documents of navigators who told on its trips adventurers the land describing the exotic landscapes, cataloguing the species of animals and joined vegetables. In the same way Saint Rita Duro conserved these information of the land affirming to be a true paradise colorful.

Amongst these information of stories on the land in particular were based on the letter of Pero Vaz de Caminha. In result of this Massaud it affirms: Not rare, it is had impression of that the poet mere converted into verses the transbordante euphoria of the historian. Having itself moved to the nine or ten years for the Europe, it was natural that in its memory, fed for the reading of workmanships as of Sebastio of the Pita Rock, the ground native gained the colors of an authentic one eldorado.