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The pages of the history of the invention and construction of metronomes, are full of failure and impractical ideas, but if we can find some success. Why a tiny sector attracted so many inventors is a mystery. First attempts in 1581, Galileo Galilei discovered the isochronism of pendulums, i.e., discovered that pendulums equals (of any length) vibrate at the same time regardless if the amplitude is large or small. Close to a century passed before the theory of pendulums was successfully applied to the manufacture of clocks by Christian Huygens (1659) and George Graham (1715). In 1656 patented you first pendulum clock, which allowed to measure time more accurately.

Huygens was built several clocks pendulum to determine the longitude at sea, which made several trips between 1662 and 1686. These inventors solved the problem of pulses of pendulums using a leak or exhaust, that would keep it moving without interfering with its movement. This invention was the key the success was immediately used by those working in the field of metronome. In 1696, Etieune Loulie made the first attempt to apply the pendulum of a metronome. His team was no more than an adjustable pendulum with calibrations, but without exhaust to keep it moving.

It was followed by a line of inventors, including Sauveur, 1711; Enbrayg, 1732; 1771 Gabary, Harrison, 1775; Davaux 1784; Pelletier, Weiske, 1790; Weber, 1813; Stockel, Zmeskall, Aperture, Smart, 1821. Most of these attempts were unsuccessful due to the great length of pendulum needed to imitate some of the slow rhythms used in music (e.g., 40 to 60 per minute). In 1812, Nikolaus Winkel Dietrik (born-1780 Amsterdam, dead-1826) found that a pendulum weighted and double (a weight to each side of the pivot) could oscillate at a slow pace, even when they were short. Johann Nepenuk Maelzel, through some questionable practices, appropriated the idea of Winkel, and in 1816 began to manufacture the so-called metronome Maelzel.

Hipolito rest & art, was born a small rest coffee. Its name pays humble tribute to Don Hipolito Yrigoyen, who is one of the most respected Presidents of the Republic Argentina, who lived his last days in a tenancy, today our place. Through a simple call to artists to exhibit, in the month of September, 2005, for its diffusion and inclusion in the national and international market, today, in its 18th exhibition are artists who contact us to take part in future exhibitions. Rest Hipolito & art is not intended to be a gallery, but it has an alternative space of dissemination and exhibition, where the public does not feel committed to observing, there, art becomes part of the daily. In his last exhibition in 2007, counts with the presence of STELLA SIDI, with your sample love banned, done in pencil on paper and Sgraffito and cake, shows stories of universal history, about relations not authorized. Argentine citizen, born in Bulgaria.

He studied in the schools national DE BELLAS ARTES MANUEL BELGRANO and PRILIDIANO PUEYRREDoN, obtaining the titulode Professor in fine arts. He completed his studies with different courses. It coordinates its study of artistic teaching since 1983. He participated in numerous group exhibitions and national fairs and international competition in many national and international salons. It won 19 Awards, including Kleinos, art editions and international Premio Web Color 2005 1st. Prize graphic, drawing. Medaglia di bronzo ex aequo PREMI DELLA culture trophy MEDUSA Rome 2007. Columnist for fine arts since 1995.

From 1999 directed and produced on RADIO culture FM 97.9, its own dedicated to the Visual Arts program, sponsored by the Ministry of culture of the Government of the city of Buenos Aires, nominated in the Gold 2001 Lighthouse Award / 2004 collaborated with magazine RAMONA and Arteamundo commenting on samples of Argentine art. Participated with a stand in arteBA and EXPO - back since 2002 as program Radio dedicated to Visual Arts. RING of art 2006 by Communicator cultural Gallery ARTEXPRESION 2006 Award for artistic trajectory can say then, that the proposal of this new space, in an area where reign the haste and interests, is achieving its objectives of that art is part of everyday life and can appreciate as such, there is no to go find it. With a schedule for the year 2007 of prominent artists, among them an international artist of the stature of Francisca Blazquez, creator of the Dimensionalism in Spain and author of more than 335 exhibitions in 16 countries on three continents, is located as well as a posthumous tribute to the artist Italo Ferraris and the presence of artists such as Martin Soubiate, Stella Mezzadri and Elizabeth Eichhornthey are part of the calendar of this transversal space. Diego Fernando Magnalardo Jorge Omar Vera directors of Hipolito Resto & Arte.