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Toucan confesses that it is wolf on the inside Edson Silva looks at the Aloysio Nunes, one of the main collaborators of the daily pay-candidate Mountain range, saying that Toucan (coitada of this so Brazilian bird and victim of an injustice as symbol of the neoliberal ones) is wolf with skin wolf. I am not who I am saying, I left in the Periodical the State So Paulo, in 9 of April. By itself, the unhappy phrase is demonstration of that they are placing peaks and penalties of are and shows its true side. The famous phrase is that people exist who are wolves in lamb skin. In the interview of Nunes, former-secretary of the Civil House of So Paulo, to Estado, it says that ethical electoral platform is not and without incisively criticizing the government of president Lula (PT), that it more than has 80% of same approval in the last year of as the mandate, Toucan went off: we are not wolves with lamb skin, we are wolf with wolf skin . The attempt was to attack former-gives Dilma, reliable candidate of the president> Estado, in 5 of April, said that the Brazilian people knows to identify wolves in lamb skin. Particularly, in this history of wolves and lambs I prefer stories that my mother and grandmothers counted and add that good exactly she is human being in skin of human being, without cordeirsticas lobsticas concessions or .

for who finds that the phrase of the Nunes was alone eleitoreiro slip, it emphasized its opinion on another one Toucan, the Acio Snows, of Minas Gerais, that it intended to be candidate to the president in the place of Mountain range and therefore ally of Dilma can become, in Mines. Nunes went off: the Acio is much more smart of what all can imagine, it is of our side, clearly that with the style of it Fica asks, which style? Of wolf in skin of wolf or skin of lamb? in this case and the Mountain range? Who skin it dresses? Pra that nobody says that I am arrogant, I lock up the article with the only place where I find that it was legal if to say that is wolf. Treat-of of the poetry of Oswaldo> Everybody is Wolf On the inside (Arrogant). You said that I am arrogant, n to me? /Acho that I am yes, saw? /As the water that goes down the waterfall and not question if it can pass said You me that my eye is hard as knife I find that it is yes, saw? /As is hard the trunk of the hose Where you needs to lean said You me that I always destroy its more romantic iluso/E I always destroy with my word he bothered What me I find that is yes As wounds and makes racket the animal that if hurt, saw? /As wounds and makes racket the animal that if hurt, saw?