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For the whole family since November the fair finds its way in the German living room fun. "The new party game Carnival: the new Carnival party" for Wii and Nintendo DS excited children and parents. The consumer portal preisvergleich.de has taken the game more closely scrutinized. Fair means Soothsayer, horseshoes, haunted house and marble games. "These games are also found in Carnival: the new Carnival party" again. First, the large and small gamers can create their own avatar.

In the course of the game, then more objects are played freely, which can be used to furnish the character. But who does not want to make his character itself, which simply takes over the default settings and sets off immediately. The version for the Wii ideal here as a game for children's birthday, because she otherwise DS the Nintendo also has a multiplayer mode. So up to four people can play at the same time. So a lot of exercise is demanded from the players, if it to the fine-tuning is.

The player stylus, microphone, touchpad and buttons used in the version for Nintendo DS. The Wii remote controller is used for the Nintendo Wii. For a target more precise navigation, this can be extended by the motion-plus module. In the game controllers with and without extension can be used however at the same time. Children will enjoy the more than 30 mini-games of Carnival"have. The graphics are colorful, high she is not however meet demands. But that does not detract from the fun of the game. The games are entertaining and above all varied. More information: service/press / Preisvergleich.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

From the revolutionary first step to the modern with Prince of Persia there again something new, what story should write video game mid-eighties. Today, the first part of the series is popular and is played online. New titles that can convince with latest graphics appear in parallel. Even today can easily be fixed, that the first part of Prince of Persia is a good game. No wonder, then, that it was very popular.

The game is unique, fun, and also tension has to offer. But Prince of Persia was even revolutionary, what is today no longer to recognize at first glance. A procedure was used, already a long time, but not used in movies in the game area. The rotoscoping allows to transfer the movements of real people in graphical projections. This is the recording of real people and image used for image as a form, painted from. So, very realistic movements can be achieved with trick movies.

Precisely these realistic movements were in Prince of Persia used, even if they look to today of course frumpy, but compared to all other 2D figures was the Prince of Persia an enormous progress. Today, the game can no longer benefit from this step, but the series is still popular enough, so that constantly new titles appear. The original Prince of Persia is not so but forgotten and today is among the games classics, which will be played again and again. Prince of Persia online play is therefore a popular pastime in the Office, because fast a game you can play through, as long as you don't fall into a gaping chasm. It is interesting, however, that there are still many elements of the original game in the new parts. Rudimentary factors that give a touch of nostalgia with every part. (C) Fadi Tsilimekis, March 2011

Sometimes when we receive a gift we feel alagados, more if the person giving them us is our appreciation, giving is the most beautiful gift and thus we are pleased our similar is even better. When we help someone, we are being generous, but we have to do it in heart. When we share the joys of our fellow human beings, as hard as this may seem, we are sharing with that person eventually that she is special, doing so consists of let it flow all the spirit of generosity that we have and do so in a spontaneous and productive manner. Happens when we share joys we are opening ourselves to receive one greater abundance, and to the extent that we succeed in doing so our lives will change in positive almost without realizing it. As any person with virtues and defects, sometimes costs us much give, even more so if this is what we need most, sounds strange and contradictory as it is that we may be able to give what we need most, and that is where is the true meaning of all this, we feel fear that What we may need it at a certain time, and is this fear which paralyzes us many times, ideally, give without feeling fear, this is not achieved overnight overnight, but it can be achieved. The key is to see us as a person able to offer what our similar need, can be a good advice to a friend, a word of encouragement etc. As the old saying do good and do not look at who in that measure is that we must be givers, it is important to help people who do not know, since that is the real challenge of this virtue, when we know people us is much easier to help them, perhaps by the very fact that we know them already know what their wants and needsthe contrary happens when we help someone whom we do not know.

The majority of Internet users navigate using Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is the most widely used 65,71%. But, do you want to this say that this browser is the favorite of users?, much less; This only shows that most use without more Explorer that comes installed by default in the operating system and who do not worry about anything else. But when someone begins to be interested by the security, the speed, or simply because you want to solve some problems you have with your usual browser and begins to learn about other browsers, first thing you do is retire Internet Explorer and switch to another, usually to Firefox. See below the ranking of the most used browsers: Ranking browsers September 2009 1st Microsoft Internet Explorer 65,71% 2nd Firefox 23.75% 3 Safari 4.24% 4 th Chrome 3.17% 5th operates 2.19% Firefox occupies the second place away from his pursuers and also no longer eat ground to the Explorer, but let's look at another curious statistic: Internet Explorer 6: 24,42% Internet Explorer 7: 19,39% Internet Explorer 8: 16,84% IE8 Compatibility Mode: 2.30% as you can see the more modern version, is less used showing that users of this browser used only by that is there and not bother to update the version they have installed because frankly it gives them equal, just want to get on the Internet from time to time. So you gonna let tell you some things about Firefox and you decide if you want to try it.

1. Security: Although you just one browser than another, should not give equal security. Firefox has greater protection against viruses and spyware, and if you get to enter an attacker site, you may receive a notice that occupies the entire browser window, this malicious site list is continuously updated. The opposite happens to Internet Explorer that journal he discovers a new vulnerability by what must publish patches constantly to avoid to serve as a gateway to curious or malicious hackers.

Mabel did not know to do. Realized that he was asleep, because your eyesight was lost in nothingness. He feared that if he shook it could hurt him. He opted to hug him tightly. Alex woke up under the pressure of his embrace. He saw her at his side and realising that it had one of its classical nightmares, he was reassured and tightly hugged her.

He was astonished to see that Mabel did not seem scared by the situation, on the contrary, still hugging it with force. He began to kiss her, sweetly first, and passionately afterwards. They made love at 3 in the morning. Later, both slept deeply. The next morning, while they were heading to their work, Alex apologized him for what happened in the previous night. He was afraid that Mabel told him, just like all the other girls he had met, that you no longer wanted to sleep with him, even despite the reaction from her of the last night.

Instead, he again felt their unconditional support. They continued talking topic throughout the journey. Mabel asked him if he knew why, had these nightmares. -Non - told him. -Began when I arrived in Ibiza. I guess they have to do with the bad things will happen in life - was the explanation that happened to Alex at that time. -If you don't know the cause, it would be best to consult it-. She prompted him to visit a psychologist, or that ask you your doctor which could be the solution. I had enough experience to think that these disorders could be the beginning of an illness. Alex you said with determination, a little sarcasm, a bit annoying, that he did not believed in doctors, thus, far less in psychologists. Mabel remembered how much it had cost him to her ex-boyfriend accept consult a doctor and were told yes same, to be patient, that I do not rush things if I wanted to get results the nightmares continued happening but not all the nights.

A Pearl on sand in a Jalisco exporter of labor, desahijada geography where identity is lost before the wave of migrants who leave the grit of his land to find after the border, as the citizens of nowhere. The exiles, the sons of exile, the victims and perpetrators of a system. A people without culture is a dead village and a village that does not have its own culture is a slave of whom it is imposed. Under this perspective the dramaturgy of Ruiz market is constructed with a thorough review of Mexican society; in its specificity, a Jalisco town of step. Hence the need to offer a song from April to the fall of the city. Hence the poetic theatricality of singing for the city. The Medullary point for a study of proposal. Syncopation as main element.

Music as a Medullary structure for walking in a city with parking in cruz; a metropolis with pedestrian bridge where it crosses a citizen who is known on the border of two worldviews. The assumed ruin as valid, another denied by officers. The revision of the myth is indispensable to understand, to be found in an immensity where dreams do not already reach for to Sun dress and undress to the Moon: why not be naked face? For the same reason that you don't bare the soul. Shhhh, listen. The myth has the strength to cover our empty, but always persists the permeability through which penetrate the version.

The work ruizmarquiana does a balance in a space where characters can not be. Here's the conflict, the search for the elements enabling recomposition socio-cultural. Hence the importance of the historical aspects, bases, the origins. Therefore, in the proposed ruizmarquiana, there is always a thread that leads us to Hank. The foundation of a town and their conscience is a recurring element in the Dignisima Ms. Dry, when the tyrant falls, Memorial of April, the monologues of the feast, and other works where the female characters appear carrying the baton, questioning, asserting, denying and, on occasions, imposing itself as a Beatriz Hernandez urbanize cross because so I send it. The always imposing to which only remains the opposition organized, underground, throbbing, prestisima to sprout by the epidermis of concrete: Calle luna. Street. Place of all. Place of the neighborhood. A territory to defend itself. Every inch. In syncopated, rumor of incest, rumor of love, love love, sleep among dreams you perceive. It romanza city that offers the possibility of an evolution towards a radio hit in maldiciente tessitura. For Mexico, the years of domination is not gone. They remain in force. Jalisco dramaturgy is constructed upon review of a village. An Oedipal people with capital where the matron is supreme, as Elvira, widow and painful birth icon, with a resemblance to the Virgin of Zapopan, the work Dante Medina, I am Don Juan. Here are the works and their authors. Behold the time of closing of a cycle of conferences. Review of a historical past in the future in doing it. When is the human being adrift, without boat, barely with slivers of a ship. Get afloat or sinking forever.