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The wedding or anniversary marked every year an almost magical day, he remembers it at the first meeting with the lover or the spouse or the date on which have sealed two people solemnly that they long for, if not always together want to stay. How to celebrate now that day is best to meet its purpose? And even more difficult: What gives you his beloved partner, his beloved partner? How do you pack all the deep feelings in a gift? Is that possible, here is the question. The usual bunch of flowers or box of chocolates at least not able to express what one of the other means. We would like to convey the message in his gift that the other one's heart and a lot of value. Value here does not mean some arbitrary amount of money, but means rather that you want some time and thought to do with what object one another happy. A bronze figurine of a couple in love could be just the right thing, at this Appreciation to symbolize. Bronze was used thousands of years ago as a material for fine metal work, be it jewelry or sculptures. The alloy embodies like no other metal imperishable, times Lasting, Long Persistent, all those attributes, even, which can also be allocated to the love and marriage.

The warm luster of the polished bronze transported without words heat in the partnership, the loving design of the sculpture by the artist, symbolized with a few shapes and lines of security and familiarity in the small sculpture of the couple. to give away such a bronze sculpture as a gift to the wedding at the partner betrays not only that one idea has done, but says without words, what one is so valuable in relation to the other. On the evening of the anniversary, the couple will have a lot of fun to choose a suitable place for the bronze sculpture. A beautiful site could be a sideboard in the living room or a small table beside the couch. There, the bronze figure is now remember how many good years together are already behind the two partners. At the sight of two small work of art will then be clear how much more valuable treasure they have each other and to their successful relationship..

Many people who have found their partners wish to affirm their relationship by marriage. To celebrate such a festival right there are many things to consider. The bride is choosing a wedding dress is of great importance. It should also be considered, where the wedding will take place and who is invited. Of course, the couple also need witnesses who are mostly made of good friends. Very important are also the rings that are usually chosen by both partners. Similarly, the couple will need to decide in which form it inviting to the wedding.

Here are all conceivable ways to make the invitation cards. A wedding is divided into the wedding ceremony can take place civil or religious, and subsequent to the wedding. In order to make possible an impressive, one needs not only the appropriate facilities and good food. At the beginning of the celebration speeches are held. These are often in a humorous and witty rather than form. Usually reveals a parent, funny incidents from the earlier years of life. Very popular at a wedding are the wedding games or rituals that are part of a real celebration.

An ancient game, for example, the bride kidnapping. It usually takes place when the official framework somewhat loose. Even the wood chopping is an ancient wedding ritual. For the wedding, of course, includes music and dance. The most beautiful is it when a band strikes up and provides a great atmosphere. Traditionally the first dance will be opened by the couple. It is customary waltz music. The music selection has abgstimmt the couple before with the band. The conclusion of a wedding is the departure of the bride and groom. Even here there are old customs, such as the throwing of the bridal couple with rice. After the departure of the wedding ceremony the couple is often still further into the night, is in Trinksprachen thought of the couple and wished them well in their marriage.