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As these are their first birthday is recommended to invite their most intimate circle, primitos and children of close friends who have the same age. Many children, especially 1 anytus, do not give their trust to strangers easily and gets a lot of people who do not know can make you have a bad moment. The idea is that the decor is colorful and hopefully make reference to some favorite character having, napkins, cups, dishes with your favorite cartoon they will be very happy and you will live your first party in an entertaining way. I may not remember it in their later years, but that does not mean that at the moment it is not to enjoy. Don't let them very lonely, remember that at this age they don't distinguish well the dangers, and especially in a foreign House can be found with surprises. It is not recommended to invite many people, but if it is inevitable and the children are widely dispersed ages it is advisable to hire a birthday animation service to organize them and keep entertaining to those who are more Biggie. If they are all little ones you can hire the service of animation, but this will be geared to provide material to play, the attraction will not be the animator as in the older animations, but elements that deliver to have play, as balls, bubbles, puppet show, figurituas with balloons etc. Original author and source of the article