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Generally usually they are short games. This must to that they go directed to smallest, to the children. They do not tolerate to do the same all along. They like to change. What they liked yesterday, today no longer interests to them. For that reason the games offer the possibility of submerging to them in different worlds by brief periods from time. They enter and they leave constantly. They are games free, the parents do not have to buy faces consoles so that their children amuse themselves.

All require to be connected to Internet to be able to play. As they are " title=" juegos" > games for boys there are many are educative. Others are of races of cars, of sports, to dress the personages, of fights, competitions, I devise, comparison. It is not necessary to pay a monthly subscription to comprise of the community, with only acceding to the site one can begin to amuse itself. These sites usually have a great variety of games divided by categories, reason why S.A. to begin to play one, this is boring, it is only necessary to close it and abrir another one. The purpose of both is the same. They look for that the boys amuse themselves, who they entertain, that can learn values through the games, that can solve single situations and that have their personal space. Because then the unique option must be the expensive consoles? Those people who cannot buy a console, do not have right to amuse themselves? If instead of to read you prefer to play, I recommend east site to you: title=" juegator" > juegator.

Of the biological point of view, the comparison of Smith is not been improper. Until where we know, the viruses if differentiate of other microorganisms for autodestrutivo behavior. To be multiplied, they they attack blindly and they finish destroying its proper ways of multiplication. Conclusion: success of the viruses, when eliminating its hosts, is a species of suicide. They are well different of the bacteria, that, even so are mortal, also can coexist the cells of the other organisms democratically and until helping them, in many cases. It is the case of the human body, that contains a infindvel number of bacteria, many of basic them in functions as our digestion.

It is probable that the man is next to the suicidal impetus of the viruses of what of the bacteria. It has little doubt of that the Homo erectus, since that it appeared in the planet, between 100000 and 200000 years behind, left a frightful track. First, because it discloses a proliferation continuous e, at least so far, in rhythm each faster time, evolutivos terms. We pass of a set esparso of nomadic bandos, with an esteem world-wide population in only five or ten million individuals, for a multitude of six billion. It is enough to draw a map of the world in a white notebook leaf to represent the population human being with black points, as the end point of this phrase, you to have an idea of our proliferation.

If each one of the points to represent a million of inhabitants, the map will be almost total black, with 6000 points covering the continents. Currently, we are adding to the world, every year, about 87 million new citizens (an entire Mexico). In 2012, we will have added plus a China to the planet, about a billion of people. As the aspect, still more desanimador, consists of the apparent viral irrationality of this evolution. Paleontology discloses initially that the human beings were numerous; it had sets of ten of similar species, with distinct characteristics. Today only it has one, what it can be signal of a dead-end, as called the attention, diverse times, the American paleontlogo Stephen Jay Gould (deceased this year). Of the point of view of the other species, it is well clearly now that none of the great mammals and good part of the minors will have conditions of to resist if the race human being to continue thus growing. alone a part of the remains, probably, could be preserved in reserves and parks. The birds, the reptiles, the fish and the trees will have destination similar. This not to mention in the mineral kingdom: in the rivers, in mountains and the poludos oceans, explored inconsequential for the men. As consolation, it remains the half psicanaltica constatao of that, if we hold in them as virus, at least, we are a species of virus that has conscience of the errors that commits. Freud said that the culture is, of certain form, a product of the auto-repression to the primary instincts, a conflict that if it would decide by means of the creativity. It is possible, therefore, that the imagination helps in them to diminish the tractor, let us say, virulent of the civilization. ' ' The humanity proliferates in the Land as a virus attacks one organismo' ' (Extracted Text of Interesting the Super magazine)

Without speaking in the constant risks of assaults in certain lines and schedules; b) We cannot dislocating in them from motion, without participating of the statisticians of assault and batteries or mortality, with or without sequels, given the great power, arrogance and insanity of innumerable conductors of automobiles, bus and trucks; c) We cannot in dislocating them from bicycle, for the same reasons that affect the motorcyclists, being that also the motorcyclists run over bicycles; d) We cannot dislocating walking in them, without running one high risk of running over, for that it is the type of vehicle, beyond the danger of assaults. Then: we are not speaking of an inherent risk to the normal life, which all we are citizens in day-by-day. Our risks, in Present-day Brazil, are very bigger of what the risks equivalents in countries truily civilized. It is enough to search in web our taxes of morbidade and mortality for external causes. How many lives, how much comfort, how much well-being, quanta health, how many billions or trillions of Reals we are losing with all this situation? It will be that nobody perceives that, this yes, is barbarity? Frankly, the life that today I see in Recife, that does not have to be different of Rio and So Paulo (cities where already liveed), nor of other great capitals of Brazil, who knows of the world measures, is not civilization, more seems barbarity. many times does not advance if to move: it has about 10 the 15 years many inhabitants of the Southeastern Region if they had directed for waters mornas of the coastal northeastern, with spirit to fix residence, to run away from the urban chaos. Depending on the city for where they had been, they are revivendo today its old lives, or are not far from reviver them. With daily and small doses, we were in accustoming with this: already I arrived to spend 7 minutes of house for the work, of car, in months of pertaining to school vacations, covering a stretch of 3,5 kilometers.

The planet asks for People! Oque, oque is making? People! What I will choose are these? Oque is this? Where this the love? Where this the aid? People! It looks in my eyes, it looks at and they do not dissimulate that I am not here, therefore I am yes, I am crying out People! People! She will be that it is sin to speak of hope union, world in them we are the abandonment we are animal, plants, children, we are flying, we are in the sea, the street of its house inside of its home lost we are played! More we are not been silent. Peoples! Countries! World! Where they are vocs? I call land I I call sky, water and air. Please he does not abandon me does not leave me finishes. I am crying out with little of pure air remains that me is crying with my storms, I have that to react they are tearing my heart I am not silenced then me ouo!