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Who is the best coach to achieve your goals? A friend of mine recently by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen workshop. They were promoting their Enlightened Millionaire Program. One of the topics that they covered I was looking for a personal trainer. So let's think of few issues where there could be personal trainers. Basketball Football Golf Talk show Weightlifting Sex Money Trust Real Estate Investor Now what I found interesting was what my friend said everyone responds to some of the above. They thought that the best basketball coach would be Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods for golf, Joe Montana in football, weightlifting, much like Arnold Schwarzenegger to be his personal trainer, in the confidence of the famous Anthony Robbins NLP was elected, a lot said money like Donald Trump or Bill Gates, sex, and they were going to meet Ron Jeremy, many responded Estate of Fame Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad.

The logic here may seem large. If you want to be good at a skill particular to find someone well known to be great in that talent or ability. Sometimes, however, is not exactly the case. My friend went on about how it was then that the Green Bay Packers, having won two superbowls. The unexpected had happened to their beloved coach Vince Lombardi decided that the training of the Green Bay Packers was not what I wanted. The Green Bay Packers two coaches truly tested and tried the above after two other coaches do not.