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Today, DIY is a hobby that has become a very efficient way to save money since you do not have to call a professional to make you things of the House and pass makes you occupy the time if you have much free. Whether in a home or rented old floor or in his own old House, only with a bit of zest and mana with a few basic notions of some materials, truly good results can be obtained: making small fixes, renovating and decorating or even up to Deconstructing and reforming certain structures. Moreover, the DIY is hilarious. In my case for example we had to reform throughout the kitchen, for that before I had to buy and see the electric oven desktop with one of the best alternatives for my new kitchen. Many people gives us a sactifaccion of the work itself and its results can be seen every day, is economical, enabling us to realize these desires that make always wanted to do and that because of the vile metal never get able to without having to hire professionals to make you work We were probably waiting in vain for several months. Specialized premises, DIY centres and construction stores give who likes this DIY all materials needed. However no, does not suffice to have the right tool and a good dose of enthusiasm to be a Sybarite's DIY. It is essential, also, have a basic preparation and a series of knowledge and techniques to learn how to run each operation and appearance must take into account when making any DIY task.