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"Facilitator training"Integrative theater work"the concept of integrative theater work has for the fourth time the Theaterpadagogische training integrative theater work" on. It is aimed at all those who want to learn how to guide groups with people with disabilities with the method of improvisational theatre. It begins in September 2010 and lasts until March 2011 and includes 7 training blocks, each Thursday until Sunday afternoon. "The training instructors integrative theater work", Thomas Wewers, educator, theater -, curative and clown and Susanne Diebel, educator, theater -, and Dipl. worker, learned their theatre educational craft at the youth art school Unna.

"Specifically for this theater work she picked up the improvisational concept of youth art school Unna and masks - and theatre work with Walter Koch, actor, special, comedian with masks, co-founder of the blue Meier Studio" Bremen (www.blaukunst.de) enriched and further developed. Together they have three instructors over 50 years experience in the theater work with people with intellectual disabilities. So the participants in the seven blocks of training getting offered a wide range of manual options to develop an individual style of instruction with personal priorities. At the end of the training, participants within 4 days under the guidance of stage a retrospective, to apply so learned in summarized form. Every participant receives a certificate with detailed description of the training content. The training is particularly appealing for employees from facilities of the handicapped", reported Thomas Wewers, head of training, because professionally trained staff will achieve faster remarkable success. This saves working time and achieved a positive echo in the public." The training blocks have the following topics on the following dates: fun: basis and tools Do.,16.09. until Sun., September 19, 2010, so you can find a game story Thu., 28.10 up Su, 31.10.