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Gandhi: I really am a practical dreamer; my dreams are not trifles in the air. What I want is to turn my dreams into reality. Build bridges between today that we have and the future that we wish to have is part of the responsibility of the leaders, managers and leaders of the world. We live in a present that we know or believe know well and with which we are compliant to some degree, but part of what we know is what we want intensively changing and transforming into a new reality to reach the future with possibilities to enjoy it and live in the without any worries or cares. The big difference between a common leader or an administrator is that, in this present of which we speak, leaders know that they must be things done correctly and know the mechanics for that carried out by themselves or through other persons. The leader, the good leader knows exactly the things there are to do and knows also how to make them and with whom and how engage and motivate people with which you have that work. The leader behave as such in relation to the reality of their context and good port to which you want to accompany his disciples. In that sense, faced with the reality, has the following commitments: 1.

be a good reader of reality: the reality is there, in front of us and is repeated over and over again. She is stubborn like the facts that constitute it, and sometimes there is no one who knows how it really is. In some countries, for example, are in arrears of reading its reality, its true realities, in matters as sensitive as the poverty and conditions of marginalization of a large part of its citizens.