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The problem zdesv to an increase in, say, a coolant flow of consumers, the flow of coolant from another user has not decreased to. This requires appropriate matching of hydraulic characteristics of the consumers and the network (including cir-kulyatsionnye pumps). It is easier to implement in small systems, such as heating mnogokvar-dashed home from homes boiler. In many Western European countries regulators ('thermostats') installed in each apartment, picking up the corresponding features of the pump and the diameters of the inlet pipe ('risers'). With an increasing number subscribers, the distance between them and the supplier of heat, ie the increasing complexity of such coordination is complicated, but theoretically all seems simple: to provide a constant pressure to each subscriber (ie, its control) throughout the heating period. To quantify and include the so-called pofasadnoe regulation.

It is known that in strong winds on the premises, located on the windward side, it is often much cooler (especially when a large glass area) than in the lee. Rooms facing south and north, receive different amounts of heat radiated by the sun. In this case, as appropriate, without changing the total number of direct water from the building, to redistribute its flow, which usually requires special stimulus. Requiring constant flow of coolant in the qualitative regulation is associated with fear deregulation branched hydraulic heating system when the flow rate. Since different objects are at different distances from the source, and most importantly at different geodetic altitude, all Hydraulics is set to one specific coolant flow rate by setting the throttle washers or valves.