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The regular comparison of the electricity and gas tariffs for households is worth. A change of the provider, the consumer can save lots of money. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Tony Parker. Leipzig. Many energy suppliers have announced price increases again in recent weeks. In particular the price spiral of gas prices continues. Confirming the trend in the first months of the year 2010: since the beginning of the year, around 20 percent of the gas suppliers have announced a price increase. Real-estate developer: the source for more info. Also the electricity tariffs are increased slightly since the turn of the year.

The energy companies pursue very different price in General, so that is a very strong regional disparities. This pricing policy caused a different purchasing strategy of energy companies; on the other hand, the providers have different costs. Therefore, very differentiated savings can be achieved for the consumer. For private customers, often only the change to alternative providers who have already established themselves in many regions remains in the face of price increases. Also numerous smaller municipal utilities have expanded their market area, and increasingly offer electricity at affordable prices in neighbouring communities. A comparison of tariffs for example, brings information and clarity about the potential savings.

As the price gap between the providers keep apart, energy experts advise: more customers their Exchange can make use of the stronger the energy market is enlivened. The switching requires no technical changes. An interruption of the supply is excluded pursuant to the Energy Act (EnWG 36). Consumers should know this.