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The unique nature of the suburbs has for tourism and recreation. Now we should not spend a few days on the road to great to spend time - rest in Moscow remarkably combines the European high level of service and traditional Russian elements of great entertainment. In Moscow today formed a large number of different recreation centers, specially equipped sites for various activities in the fresh air and much more. Only a few hours by car and you already enjoy nature in the company of loved ones. Optimum solution in terms of recreation - fishing in the suburbs, as rivers and lakes of this area has always been known their wealth. At a specially-equipped bases if necessary have the option to buy or rent equipment, fishing gear, pick up the boat.

If you want to escape from the endless bustle of the city and relax departure on a fishing trip in the suburbs - a good opportunity to do so, and then you can boast of their achievements in front of friends and family. Careful maintenance of ponds, special attention to the breeding of fish, quality pricing guide fish factory and tourist centers are doing fishing in the suburbs accessible and enjoyable. For many people stay in Moscow has now become a real discovery. It is clear that Muscovites form the main influx of tourists to the region, but representatives of other cities and regions are also often preferred as a base for outdoor activities just outside Moscow. Often, employees of various companies arrange for their employees corporate vacation in the suburbs. This tradition is an excellent indicator of tone, as the time spent with their own colleagues, is famous not only alive and interesting communication, but also to build bridges between the staff that in future only develops and strengthens corporate culture. Today a significant number of turoperatsy offer a full range of services for recreation in Suburbs, the difference in prices for the various tourist facilities is relatively high, so be sure to approach the choice of time and place to relax is very reasonable. Holidays in Moscow - another great opportunity relax for a few days to forget about problems and just have fun.