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Perhaps we grew up in a dysfunctional family, maybe we were sverhzaschischeny and never experienced a serious life impact, or perhaps we have learned to expect negative events as a way cope with multiple failures during the difficult periods of life. All of these scenarios can lead to situations where the stress becomes a way of life. Once we get the usual patterns of thinking that emphasize the dangers of life, we fall into a chronic state of flight or fight. Constantly mobilizing, we may experience a constant high blood pressure, muscle tension, and nervousness. Psychologically respect, chronic stress is experienced as distress. Anxiety, depression, and anger - the overall effects of viewing the world through the prism of the threat. These emotional reactions, in turn, produce typical behavioral consequences, such as indecision, lack of confidence, impulsivity, and interpersonal conflict. We know from cognitive neurological research that high levels of distress move cerebral blood flow away from the frontal cortex - the center of our executive assessment, planning, and reasoning - to the internal motor area.

That's why people with chronic stress is so hard to solve their problems peacefully. Their threat perception creates physical and emotional arousal, which in turn prevents access to the cognitive abilities most needed at this time. Every trader knows how easy it can be avoid this, a well thought out trading plan under unfavorable market activity! The term "addiction" refers to the actions we are taking to deal with the sources of threat. Generally speaking, there are three styles of addiction: addiction, focusing on emotions - Dealing with dangerous or threatening events, handling emotions, and engaging others for support, addiction, focusing on the problem - Review threats, focusing on the situation and how to overcome threats to reduce the risk; Habituation avoidant - Care of the sources of threat or not to think and do not have to deal with problematic situations. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Starbucks.