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Baby monitor tested on heart and kidney - what really counts many manufacturers however doesn't seem to care about that. While Stiftung Warentest checked various baby and anointed to real test winners, emerged at the same time, many other models to emit still radiation. Just when an obsolete technology units can have it happen quickly, causing high-frequency radiation to child health. The damage here are different. A significantly increases the risk of cancer and also the child sleep disorders get. Children are extremely sensitive and react immediately. What should you look for when selecting? Now is proved, that the radiation actually exists, where experts and scientists could bring here the evidence. Thus, it is in any way a touting, but a serious problem.

The Shcadstoffausstoss emissions or hazardous radiation can insbesodnere children harm, the nearby There are, at the same time, also adults don't, however, are immune. Want to protect themselves from older equipment, the radiation are intense, it recommended the various test results used by Stiftung Warentest for guidance. Based on these test results, you can quickly determine whether a baby is intense radiation so dangerous or less. There is, for example, many devices that use the shine-reducing eco-function. In addition, it is important that parents place the device at a distance of 1 m to the child. So there are, for example, devices that have an eco mode and are thus radiation poorer. A serious problem of the child's health is always in the first place. Certainly, much is said that only fear is made people, but is now well known that radiation can have terrible effects on the child. Not only that, for example, cancer is promoted, it is also possible that the child sustained injuries can wear, for example misalignments, errors in the genetic material or not especially visible damage in the nervous system.