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Trucks Mercedes - cars, well known to those skilled maintenance staff and particularly for parts. Mercedes auto parts selection program also seem to be explored inside and out, and experts on them not long ago called for greater salary. And only experience, difficult and wasteful son mistakes can sometimes correct the result of selection for the program to correct. Share the same experience this. Suppose you are looking for auto parts for Mercedes Actros truck, hefty spare, in the twenty-kilogram weight - the starter. Well, what's to look for a starter.

Starter look easy. For all the program will only Actros two numbers of starters, and write that they are interchangeable. And then poimeet place 'but'. The fact that the starters for the Mercedes released by two companies: Bosch and Mitsubishi. And the starters are a little different. That is, the holes for attaching them are about the same, but in the wrong place, where the starter gear peeps Bendix, they are arranged differently. Bosch has the starter pinion half-closed sort of metal dome, with a great little window on the side.

Engagement with the crown of the flywheel is through this window. And Mitsubishi starter Bendix is open to all winds and also linked with the crown of the flywheel, but just in a different position - because he Bendix another form. Because of this mitsubishevsky starter turns as it were shifted forward from boshevskim and bolts, if used Boche was in a car, it will not get up. So, too, is: a program for Mercedes says that the two auto parts completely interchangeable. And the program Tehdok confirms it. And destyati stores ask Mitsubishi starter - you gladly answer that is boshevsky analogue, come. And you come - not. Because in every case has its maaalenkie secrets.

Domestic UAZ and still enjoy great popularity in areas where a low-cost reliable all-terrain vehicle. Spare parts for automobiles UAZ delivered not only to all regions Russia, but even in many countries. Dealer Network Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is highly developed in the near and far abroad, and UAZ ride on the roads, and more on the road. Our off-road UAZ plow many countries, for example, in Mongolia, China, Venezuela, Iran, India, Vietnam and other countries. It is because demand is so high in the supply of spare parts UAZ even in bulk. After all, our cars UAZ with ease amenable to repair, not always that requires professional maintenance.

Therefore, UAZ car parts delivered to all regions where they sell or operated UAZ, so repairs this car is available is sufficient and acceptable to all segments of the population. Certainly, in Russia UAZ favorably with their foreign counterparts simplicity and speed of possible repairs, and high cross-price and availability of offset lower domestic comfort SUVs. The most trusted auto parts maker UAZ offers himself - the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. Purchasing products through its official distributors, who guarantee the quality, the optimal time of delivery, and low price. They work both for export and the domestic Russian market. UAZ may well be used in both military and peaceful purposes.

Although the factory was founded in 1941 on the basis of evacuated to Ulyanovsk Automobile Factory of Moscow shops, self-design activities only started in the fifties. In 1959 UAZ production already exported to 22 countries, and is still popular domestic SUV abroad remains high. The famous UAZ-469 went into production in 1972, and the production of this model and its modifications, lasted more than thirty years. Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant has continued to regularly update its range. In 2003, UAZ, it was decided to discontinue the legendary UAZ-469, the first specimen of which was built in 1960. Since then the car factory are significant changes, the assembly and manufacture of the bodybuilder was certified quality management system according to ISO 9001, and in new models and used parts are imported.

Now the car is not just a means of transportation, and more. For many, their own car was a reflection of personal identity. You can create your work of art, thanks to countless services and large selection of spare parts. Now tuning is gaining tremendous momentum, so you can turn your car into a leader on the road. First of all, you have to decide for yourself what you most important in tuning. Someone important the appearance of cars, but some want to get higher rates of control, power and agility. But most of all, the best car tuning is a mixture of exterior styling and technical re- auto. In order to make a technical tool is more beautiful, you can just put a new kit.

As a rule, most of the cars from the factory does not have a very attractive appearance. But the lower, sports bumpers and side skirts help to make the car look more swift and athletic. For those who are car tuning is only the technical side, as there are plenty of opportunities. Many manufacturers are developing additional, more advanced part, to significantly increase the capacity of the motor, as well as handling. Power can also be enhanced through changes in the program that controls the fuel supply - the so- called chip tuning. You do not even need to carry out technical changes.

If you want to achieve greater safety, it is sufficient to detail that you can help in this. Good brakes offers a stress to you better control during fast driving. Disc brakes - the best thing that can provide it, since they cover a large surface area. Additional features can be added as and electronically, thanks God now its a great choice. Music, movies, pictures - everything is possible in your car!

In Kharkov, operates automobile first night open-air cinema. Not in every city function avtokinoteatry. In the post-Soviet area were still open-air cinema, but their quickly shut down after the reorganization. And even if their function has never practiced avtokinoteatry. At the moment, any car owner can come in the evening at the site of the Kharkov avtokinoteatra reasonable fee, to tune in to a radio frequency and enjoy your movies. Genre broadcast film is very diverse and every motorist can easily find it interesting plot.

All the information about first Kharkov avtokinoteatre you can easily find on a single auto-Kharkov portal - http / /., the project was established design studio Fortune Design Studio (FDS), to bring together all the information fields into one automotive market infrastructure of the city of Kharkiv. The portal is topical and focuses exclusively on the target audience - Kharkov motorists. The undoubted advantage of this portal is convenient organized search engine, using which the visitor can easily find the information he needs, setting parameters of interest. Poster Kharkov avtokinoteatra located on the main page, auto-portal the form of banner. Poster quickly and constantly updated, it also indicated: the cost of entry to the zone avtokinoteatra, title, description and time of movies, travel card.

Presented material on our car portal creates favorable conditions for the search of any information, which is connected to the car it was the city of Kharkiv. At the forum auto-portal you will also have the ability to create or to discuss a new topic, in this case related to the avtokinoteatrom. Ie write their comments, suggestions at the expense of the repertoire of films and time of sessions. And also just discuss the movies that you saw there. We are building for the residents of our city convenient News space, which allows you to quickly find information. It is obvious that we are really doing Internet more useful.