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- To vacationers can buy anything your heart desires, and souvenirs as well. New modern shopping centers have opened in Divnomorskoe in Kabardinka, in the Gelendzhik - on the streets of Kirov and Maxim Gorky. Buy here and may food and industrial products. The city also offers plenty of cafes and restaurants. All this makes it even more attractive. Back to Top holiday season will work a unique 'Skate Park' in the open air, in the same complex from which the pavilions for the sale and rental of sports equipment, gaming halls, recreation areas for parents with children. Fourth reason: security - Securing the citizens and guests of the Gelendzhik - our main concern, - says Sergey Pavlovich. - Several years ago, we built two police checkpoint on the part of Novorossiysk and from Dzhubga.

Now everyone entering the city come under the attention of law enforcement officers, computer records are held in the passport and visa service. Similar information comes from the resorts and summer recreation. With this system, annually can identify dozens of disloyal citizens, including those who are being sought. Safe and secure holiday resort on the troublesome and expensive. But in Gelendzhik to not save. Fifth reason: it is a holiday from May-June until the end of the velvet season becomes a city of Gelendzhik-carnival with endless concerts, festivals and other entertainment.

Not be bored here any minute. Since 1977 holiday season offers a magnificent and colorful spectacle, a carnival. Every year we have festivals 'Southern Nights', 'Azure mask', Russian review of ballroom dancing. At the concert venues are the pop stars. Free concerts give students of our Institute of Arts. As a true resort town, Gelendzhik is proud of its waterfront, water parks, cable cars, and entertainment centers. - As a walk on the sea is incredibly popular with our guests, decided to build piers over the coast, which is about 100 kilometers, - says Sergey Pavlovich. - Older some marinas have long worn out. Already, investors have for a new project, and even started the construction of piers in Dzhanhot, Kabardinka and Arhipo-Osipovka.

Mauritius 20 years ago was 'terra incognita', the island of dreams, lost in the southern Indian Ocean. Currently holiday in Mauritius is considered a symbol of rent. Fairy tale honeymoon, an exotic haven for celebrities and stars of first magnitude. Mauritius luxury hotels keep their hype: the sun, fine white sand beaches, groves of coconut palms and calm turquoise waters of the lagoon. Typically, tourists do not prefer away from the beach, your hotel and pick a few guided tours, losing the chance to enjoy the special flair of the island and experience its charm and a very special atmosphere, not like other Indian Ocean resorts. Although there are also inquisitive travelers who will discover another Mauritius, if closer acquainted with the lifestyle of local residents.

Tourists conquers innocence mavrikiyntsev their charm, smiling and hospitality. Culture Mauritius - the result of mutual penetration of many cultures: Indian, Chinese, African and European. Mauritians are friendly and open, so do not be surprised if you as a friend invited to a family dinner or a picnic on the beach. Tours in Mauritius offer the world a luxurious nature with its exotic colors, flavors, and the play of light. But the main attraction of the island are Mauritians. Active holiday in Mauritius - is primarily water sports. Tours to Mauritius include hotel accommodation and quality service.

In the vast majority of hotels windsurfing, water skiing, jet ski, water bike, kayak, usually included in the Unit Stake residence. At your disposal instructors that free help beginners learn the basics of art. For an extra fee you can scuba swimming, golf or go to great fishing in high seas. Surfing Surfing is not particularly common in Mauritius, where the waves are rarely suitable for practicing this sport. The waves that break on a coral reef, not very large. in addition, surfers can seriously hurt on the rocks and reefs. Great waves you can catch off the southern coast, but in these places, there is another danger - the strong currents. Surfers chosen for themselves and SOUILLAC Baie-du-Cal. A parachute is usually all the big hotels of Mauritius offer similar entertainment - parasailing - flying with a parachute behind a boat. Fans skydiving from a height may be doing things you love in the grounds of the hunter (Domaine du Chasseur). Mauritius - the island where you can find almost everything. Guide. Mauritius, 2004, M. Strogoff