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The new year always meet with hope for the best. The magic of the night gives hope for a favorable change. January 1, 2011 - it is really a special day because the sun is in the royal degrees and good aspects of Jupiter. However, after the festive meeting of the new year have sharply dropped to the ground partial solar eclipse on January 4. Between 4 and 10 January did not come for entertainment, pleasure, communication, travel and entertaining. It was necessary to show patience and restraint, it was impossible to engage in disputes and conflicts, do not make any sudden movements.

There was a clear risk that something has broken or damaged. We had to take care of your back, arms and legs. This is a time of severe spiritual trials, exclusion from others, he brought many break contacts with their friends, mutual misunderstanding in communication. At that time required to pull myself together and convince myself that this is only a temporary effect of the eclipse, and that after a certain time effect loses its power and you will reappear every opportunity to succeed, recovery, thankfully. Between 11 and 15 January - this time, balance, harmony, happiness, comfort and welfare. Harmony in the family and community relations, all easily possible, get a lot out of life, smoothed all difficulties. Good time for love and marriage, for improvements in their careers. At best, the family established peace and harmony. Can do a lot of purchases and gifts.