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Theory of the transposition in Theater Of: Sidney Guedes? Actor, director and dramaturgo. In my trajectory of 27 years of dedicated life to the theater, I have transited and reflected on innumerable languages and perspectives in what it refers to when making aesthetic and transgressive teatral and its consequncias. Much has me inquietado such art. I am not of the type that with the time, if accomodates in a period of training of metodolgica organization, allowing a cooling of the intense flame that must stimulate the complexity of the artist. The art must be disturbing and to generate constant gaps and ruptures so that it can mobilize the intensity human being in one to make total, only capable to produce, in my opinion, a powerful art. In theater, I have leaned over on the body of the actor and its complexity, having generated a searching fidget imposes that me to the human inacabamento as raw material to try to generate a broth or who knows a deeply contagiante and transforming chorume exactly. A body that needs potentiality, of vigor and excitabilidade but, that however, unfinished as is, it lacks of to exceed the muscular limits to reach the creative fullness. A sensorial body, the flower of the skin has been the constant search of diverse thinkers, actors and encenadores of the fabric teatral, however, I think that a sensorial aspect must generate abstract answers that corporificadas again, stimulate the creative process in a transposition that makes of the body without agencies of Artaud, something possible stop beyond the mere philosophical and idealized conceptualization. The theory of the transposition is fruit of long research that I come developing in spaces of formation of actors where I have acted since the Nineties of the last century. Actor, more than what somebody that he needs to have an educated body and an intellect systemize in concepts and languages, lacks to have capacity to transpose obstacles that generates the dualidade has lain and body, that as much compromises the theater, mainly the occidental person.

This model adopted, until had recently not presented problems, a time that the natural resources existed in abundance and the parcel of the population that was incorporated the consumption society still was relatively low. However with the scarcity of natural resources why they pass many regions, and the high volume of residues generated for the diverse productive activities, among them if detaches the civil construction, and the non-availability of places for deposition of these residues and with the consequent decrease in the quality of life of the society, what if it reflects in bigger consumption, appeared a new form of thought, of the sustainable development. This type of development has as objective main to guarantee the survival of the current generations without compromising the capacity of the next generations to satisfy its necessities. In the specific case of the sector of the civil construction, many are the ambient impacts to be considered, since beyond being one of the biggest individual consumers of natural resources, it also it is responsible for the generation of a considerable volume of solid residues. However, this sector also can be considered as a tool for the sustainable development, since for the diversity of the products for it consumed, becomes easy the sector to act as receiving, through the reutilizao and of the recycling, not only of its residues, as well as of other industries. However so that the civil construction can contribute positively for the ambient improvement, it is indispensable that it has an inversion of values in the model of management adopted currently in the projects and the constructive processes. The measures of corrective and isolated character need to yield place to the preventive, that they aim at to solve the problem in its origin. So that any model of adopted ambient management gets success, as any innovative idea, it is necessary that a conscience is developed in the involved professionals and the process of importance of these measures.

Edson Silva As I cited in the article on talentosas voices of them, when writing this text on voices of some Brazilian and foreign singers wise person who would not be easy. After all, one is about personal choice. The list, even so extensive, always will be incomplete or somebody can disagree with this or that name. I can also have to have been unjust with me when forgetting to cite a singer who could have forgotten, but that I only remembered after to have sent the article. At last, if valley intention I wait the least one more time to make justice when grafar in the media some names of Brazilian talentos of beautiful voices and that they had loaned the voice for some pearl of our music. God allowed and before the International Day of the Woman (8 of March), I write this article on the satiated field of talentos and pretty voices of the Brazilian singers and some foreigners who engrandecem our popular music. Before citing my personal and passvel list of new personages of Msica Brazilian Popular (MPB) again I refer myself to the year of 1985, when more than 150 singers, in general Brazilian singers and artists had loaned its voices for the magnificent chorale of the Northeast Movement Already, in music ' ' It arrives of Mgoa' ' My personal list of singers starts for the extraordinary Elis Regina, but I detach of ' ' It arrives of Mgoa' ' the pretty participation of the divine Eliseth Cardoso in the phrase: ' ' I want water to you to drink a cup dgua/tame Marola in the tide, loved woman I want new to each morning ' to You; ' It follows the list. Elis Regina and Maria Rita; Nana Caymmi, Vanessa of Mata, Eliseth Cardoso, Mercedes Sosa, ngela Maria, Robarta Fields, Bethnia Maria, Helena Elis, Dani Carlo, Paula Fernandes, Faf de Belm, the GAL Coast, Cssia Eller, Ana Carolina, Zlia Duncan, Adriana Calcanhoto, Tnia Alves, Nara Lion, Chiara Chivello, Simone, Dani Moraes, White Nila, Margareth Menezes, Laura Pausini, Myllena, Amelinha, Joana, Zizi and Luiza Possi; Isabela Taviani, Miriam Mirah, Daniela Mercury, Marina Rasp, Rita Lee, Ivete Sangalo, Marilia Barbosa, Gadu Maria, Paula Toller, Vanusa, Eliana Pitman, Wanderla, Claude Milk, Martinha, Clear Nunes, Beth Oak, Maysa, the Elba Ramalho and Small Diana. For the time being she is only personal! Edson Silva, 49 years, journalist of the Assessorship of the Press of the City hall of Sumar edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.com.br

Thus, he is difficult to accept a teaching that if he intends permanent, if it does not leave itself to investigate the same with destemido severity that is used, for example, in astronomy or biology. If the Writing is, in fact, workmanship of the same God who made the sky and the land, does not make sensible to deal with it form delinquent in relation to other sciences? that they do not want another thing seno to understand the sky and the land. Creation (a) To believe one Creative, previous and superior god to the world, is not so difficult - as Mr. Dawkins recognizes, perhaps for the same reason that makes in them to understand that the existence of one marries requires the existence of it constructed that it. The problem is that the Biblical history of the creation, as we have interpreted, in fact, it is a history that does not have much felt. Initially, in chapter one, if he says that the workmanship of the creation if develops of the animals to the human beings - men and women; in chapter two, the development is another one: first if the man creates, later the animals and finally the woman. In first the three days afternoons and mornings exist, but not yet they exist astros in the firmamento that can be related they, what day will only occur in the room. Or, then, intending to describe the creation of the world, it speaks of things that do not exist - or that in they are strange, as for example, a vapor that goes up of the land, and, on the other hand, it leaves to cite things that in fact exist, and in well they are known, how the rain that, for the opposite, falls in the land, or the fight of the beings livings creature for the survival, alterations of the environment, illnesses, etc.

Efficient glass energy Some manufacturers of glass products float with special a fine layer in a side that, allows that to the energy of suns the ticket in a direction, while it reduces the thermal transference for the other side. The principle for backwards of this is the difference in the thermal wave length of energy transmitted for the sun and that it transmitted from the heat inside of one room. The special covering, many times, of the one tone has very taken brown or ash for the glass. The covering is not very robust and it would not go to last much time will have been submitted to a normal cleanness or in external climatic conditions - for these reasons, this type of glass normally used only in is stamped double (or triple) units of glasses with special covering in the interior. Standardized (overcast glass) Made from plain glass, this type has one design rolled for a side during the manufacture. It can be used for decorative effect and/or installment of privacy. the shaped glass is available in a gamma of color tonalities, as well as smooth. The variety of models standard is available, each standard has a number of cited distortions normally, of 1 the 5, being 1 very little distortion, 5 being one raised diffusion level.

In external glasses, the shaped side is generally in the way interior that the atmospheric dirt can easily be removed of the relatively plain face external. Tempered (security glass) the tempering glass float after having is produced through the application of a special treatment for common glass been cut and finished. The treatment involves the heating of the glass quickly so that it starts to amolecer (about 620 degrees C) and after that cooling it. This produces a glass that, if broken, if it breaks in small pieces, without sharp edges. The treatment makes to increase the superficial tension of the glass, that can cause ' ' explodir' ' if broken, this is plus a dramatical effect of what dangerous. It is important to notice that the treatment must only be applied after all the cut eo processing was concluded, as a time ' temperado' , any attempt to cut the glass will make with that it to break.

The framing of the bands of domain as public good is stipulated in the vision of Castrates (2002) when the author affirms that all the lands destined to the means of transportation public, federal, state or municipal, is necessarily, public goods, for force of the affectation to the use joint. It fits here to stand out that such the national road system, therefore, only consists of public roads, therefore the Brazilian legal ordinance includes the roads between the public goods of use joint of the people. Therefore, they do not remain doubts of that the domain bands, as integrant part of the highways, is considered public goods. 2,2 Dispossession According to Viana (1987), the Dispossession is a pertinent activity to the Public Administration and consists of the withdrawal of the property of somebody on a good, since that motivated for a necessity or public utility, or still, to exist a social interest that justifies such behavior. This procedure is based on the beginning of the Supremacy of the collective Interest on the individual one. To this right to dispossess of the Public Power, in accordance with Viana (1987), corresponds the duty to repair the damage decurrent of the state act, of form that the public interests and of the particular one if harmonize and that both the legal spheres are respected.

The dispossession must be folloied by an indemnity the proprietor who lost the domain on well. Where it weighs to be a college of the Administration, the dispossession has an obligatory character for the particular one, that it will have its damage eased for the received indemnity. In accordance with Di Pietro (2002), the Federal Constitution foresees requirements that authorize the dispossession procedure.

The spreading in the media written and televised of occurrences is very common nowadays involving Municipal and Trader of fixed point and ambulant Guards. Also, in a general way, the knowledge lack is very frequent technician on the part of journalists and presenters on the subject. In such a way, daily we coexist some nonsenses committed for these medias, as much in relation to the works developed for the noblemen agent of Public Security Municipal Guards, as for the professionals it Commerce of fixed point and the ones that ambulam. The peddler can work vendendo its products but, for this as any activity must follow norms and rules of functioning. In its maoria the regular peddler, knows of its rules to follow! therefore all receive orientaes before having its authorization, license or permission. The Municipal Guards in itself how much to its attributions it is the Protection of Services good and installations and to make to fulfill the Code of Municipal Positions, as Decree 29,881 of 18 of September of 2008, Rio De Janeiro.

The phrases as ' ' RAPA' ' , ' ' APREENSO' ' , ' ' as if the municipal guards were making something errado' ' other similar asneiras constantly are used in the programs of TV and periodicals. Also, in the legal aspect, the confusion between ' is very frequent; ' Removel of hindrance of the public areas as DECREE N 17,931, OF 24 OF SEPTEMBER OF 1999 which Makes use on atinentes procedures to the removel of hindrance of the municipal public goods at the moment that Municipal Guarda holds back the merchandise that this displayed in the public areas obstructing the ticket of the citizens irregularally. Recently a telejornal showed the apprehension of merchandise for the agent of Municipal Guarda.

The professors are the public officers who receive the lesser wages, are constructed more bridges that schools, are made more tracks that libraries. The biggest parcel of reading in Brazil is private to a reading of summaries, magazines, books of entertainment, sites. The Internet did not obtain to make with that the people searched more the knowledge, but with the popularizao of this media the people search more the related sites the nets of relationship, sites of entertainment, site of videos and sites of search. In the future this profile tends to move. The scene of the public libraries Brazilian Libraries are seen as book deposits, different good of the vision of the medieval period, where the libraries had a character the holy ghost.

When the invention of the mobile types for Gutemberg happened the explosion of the book publication soon after, existed a race for the next unit, for the next published book, a true passion for the book. The society passed for deep transformations since then in recent years had the ascension of the age of the knowledge. The information are available in different supports, in the Internet it is possible to know which the currency of the Groelndia and the dress of the first lady of the United States. In elapsing of history one happened depreciation of the library. When Napoleo invaded Portugal Dom Joo VI brought all the real library, therefore it recognized the value not of the patrimony economic, but only cultural.

It is not enough to play books in shelves and to write library in the front of a building, is necessary a culture change. Where the habit does not exist to value the knowledge is necessary to demonstrate that it is important and to explicitar the benefits of the library for the community. The librarians are engaged in a fight for the valuation of the public libraries, but instead of valuing all the culture of the knowledge, them is only searching to conquer market spaces, and the question of the information is not summarized to who is enabled to make the dissemination, but to who it has the will to share the information.