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The concept of "viral marketing" has appeared a little more than 10 years ago. Now this trend is becoming increasingly popular. The secret lies in the fact that viral marketing uses the habit of people sharing information. When man gets funny videos, beautiful music, an unusual picture - he is primarily a hurry to share it with friends. And so the file spreads very rapidly through the network.

What is more viral marketing differs from the ordinary? The main difference is the use of the possibilities of creative thinking, along with some very simple methods of moving goods or services, instead of spending a lot of money on advertising. In viral marketing importantly - the emotions: hatred, laughter, irony, anger, bewilderment. Virus may be a new kind of satisfaction of someone else's needs, who want to preserve and draw attention to new consumer, original products or promotions that will attract attention and can disseminate information about the company. Of course, some would not come up with this virus, it is necessary that he carried out his plan. Many advertising agencies struggling for their creativity and originality come up with ideas of viral marketing. But each time it is harder and harder. But imagination is boundless.

Often use such a principle: the network is laid out any file, which focuses on a specific company's slogan. And it does not matter what this video is, who it is removed. What is scandalous, the more quickly get its spread. For example, it was with the newly laid out in the network roller isp "Stream". It was a sound recording, where the user of the network called in to tech support and trying to figure out why now is the Internet has become unstable. This record contains a sufficient number of swear words, the various curses. Just a couple of days on this record started to make a variety of remixes, photos, videos. And only after some time reports have appeared that this was the course of the advertising company - this record was an example of viral marketing. And after a while the students of this record have forgotten the contents of the conversation, but remember the name of the provider. So the Stream "by viral marketing could stand out from the crowd different ISPs. Or just a new example of viral marketing: video "Riot in the office." As one clerk at the end of the workweek blew half of the office. Throwing monitors, a few people slightly mauled. Broke printer, copier, fax, rushed to the guards. Many peeking this video thinking: advertising it or not? But just 2 weeks later, the mystery of this movie was ajar. Movie advertising was from Timur Bekmambetov - so properly moved his new film Wanted (Wanted"). In Russia, viral marketing is not so developed, and the fact there are lots of reasons: not every end user has access to the Internet, which in turn reduces the target audience of the virus. This prompted the renounce to use this tool to those companies that are advertised on tv, and other common advertising media. Because the problem is not a virus, but to do so for it to work exactly on the company, not the product as a whole. Thus, to implement the idea of viral marketing is needed not only outrageous, creative video, but also the willingness of the company - the customer to conduct this action and the result.