Review Of The Film Dorian Gray

Each of you is not seen again now, when fashionable directors and not trying to film some well-known all over the world work. Now the argument will be about a movie based on the book of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, who you are can look at a site where you can watch movies online course to film work incredibly hard. And there was a sense that the reader's expectations did not materialize. However, such abnormalities are not expected, in my opinion, no. In order to get as much as necessary to mutilate a book you should try. Take a look at "Dorian Gray" and you can easily see what talent is different from parasitism. Although there is no.

Do not watch this movie in any case. Martyshkino labor director Oliver Parker's simply disgusting. A director must not only be able to use modern advances, but also skillfully select actors, editing a novel. And most importantly - work should bring an inner sense, some morale, encourage people to think about something, something present in the life, leave a trace behind. Parker, no doubt left a mark. Yes, this ugly, that we will long remember this.

Can be directed relaxed? And it took a video of someone else. Looking at the number of works by this director, we see that he clearly does not possess talent. If the reader all did decide to learn, make sure you watch movies online In the film, apart from classroom decorations see more, unfortunately there is nothing. But despite this, certainly not suitable actors for the role. Absolutely no one cute actress. Perhaps this is a new branch in art? Well, irresistible Colin Firth, and even laid out performed his rolkak could, but it is not suitable for the role of Lord Henry. And Ben Barnes? ! Gray also blondinesty! A dialogue? The arguments of the characters are terrible and listen to them is absolutely impossible. I am confident that this movie will be memorable and one that the spectator can no remorse recommend to colleagues for review. I can say, instead of the road to better remove the book, movie theater and worship. From this most likely will be a great benefit. And if the audience did decide to read all, make sure you better watch movies online