Parachuting – The Dream Of Flying Follow

Fly - an old but still current Menscheitstraum. How can this in reality implement? Fly, has always been free to move in the sky is a dream of mankind. Nancy Silberkleits opinions are not widely known. Not this dream can be fulfilled but with a parachute jump, but we're getting very, very close. And to "fly the feeling for a couple of minutes" through the sky is indescribable. But who can complete a parachute jump and what are the requirements? Already Leonardo da Vinci drew a parachute in the form of a pyramid made of wood and linen in 1483. The model would have been even ready, tests have shown in the year 2000. So, parachute jumping as well as flying embodies an ancient dream of mankind to be able to raise the birds into the air. You can rise with the parachute into the air, but fall only in the depth, but is the direct experience to float cannot be compared with the air in the closed plane in the air.

Another advantage is, that to the Parachuting, no pilot's licence with all the fitness tests must be made. However, skydiving - which applies it to note it is asked but no lengthy and expensive flight training for the individual jumping, training is necessary. Include only the so called dry runs are completed only from elevated points on the Earth, learning of the case, the operation of the parachute and the behaviour in crisis situations. Requirement is a stable basic health for parachute jumping. In other words, no heart or lung disease should exist, no damage to the middle ear and the man to have a generally good Constitution.

Basic training is completed, can be jumped out of the plane. The first free fall to the opening of the screen and reasonably accurate landing are critical situations. After the first jumps are the most parachute athletes joyfully. Experts during the free fall jump characters in combination with other parachutists. Parachute jumping belongs to the risk sports, to consider what insurance is. Tandem jumps and where you can jump for inexperienced jumpers and those who simply want to have the experience, or who want to try whether you can own, ever with an experienced skydiving tandem jumps are made. While the inexperienced with Springer is inactive and tight connected with the experienced skydiver. This requires no special workout for the fellow jumpers. The health risks involved in pre-existing conditions should also be weighed. You can parachute jumping everywhere in Germany. Parachute schools and providers for single and tandem jumps can be found on the Internet. Almost everywhere abroad can be such courses, for example, as a special holiday experience, book.