Korean Epiphone

Buying their products, we can confidently say, 'I got a decent tool! " Moreover, all these vendors, carefully avoiding the pernicious arrogance inherent in them is 10-15 years that way back, look closely are much more closely and listen to the needs of low-budget market - to the needs of beginning musicians and just not very wealthy enthusiasts. These trends in the industry have led to the fact that there were factories in Asia producing goods with the same logo as their American and Japanese counterparts, but much cheaper - due to the use of cheaper labor and local raw materials. 'Turning to the individual', Fender has been actively developing the budget line of Squier Affinity in China, Gibson produces Korean Epiphone, Ibanez has opened branches in Indonesia, India and China - one way or another, we now have the opportunity to become like his idol through guitar models, not wasting it for as long as paid for the original. Naturally, the loss of quality is. It is foolish to believe that the guitar for $ 200 will be completely repeat the dignity of the instrument for $ 3500. But a cheap tool created by the basic principles of expensive original, with repetition of the initial requirements, which were presented to the prototype, the difference - in the materials and technological level of exclusivity to manufacture. For the most part - if you plan to include a cheap guitar amp, the nuances and advantages of an expensive tool which will cost you a few extra zeros, might not 'read' if the rest of the low-quality equipment.