The author first tried to "make the scene" this play: not readings, but still not the performance - rather, "attempt at writing their own ways of looking at art, artists and creative people. After all, the young actors - are students mguki and isi. In a small room currently sold out. Hall subsides, there is the protagonist and the famous lover Casanova, to be musical accompaniment. But before the audience is not the usual image of the protagonist in usual circumstances. "In the play, I went directly from a love affair. I was wondering to think about what would happen to the hero, when he lost interest in women, "- says Victor Denisov.

So fantasy the author takes us on a flower meadow to hunt butterflies. Each of them - individuality, each in its own original. They are like women: some frivolous, others relaxed, there are talented and smart, calculating and simple. As a variegated palette of patterns on the wings of these beautiful creatures, and they are diverse in themselves. In accordance with the design directors play - the actors do not appear because of the stage curtain, and go through auditorium, allowing viewers become participants for the job. We are in the office of Casanova and here is the floral meadow at the smell the flowers, trying with him nectar and enjoy a flutter of butterflies. Unnoticed ourselves, we are transformed, and now every viewer - is not an outside observer, but a participant. We are experiencing a hero, fantasize, we try to anticipate events and follow it closely.

Many people who have found their partners wish to affirm their relationship by marriage. To celebrate such a festival right there are many things to consider. The bride is choosing a wedding dress is of great importance. It should also be considered, where the wedding will take place and who is invited. Of course, the couple also need witnesses who are mostly made of good friends. Very important are also the rings that are usually chosen by both partners. Similarly, the couple will need to decide in which form it inviting to the wedding.

Here are all conceivable ways to make the invitation cards. A wedding is divided into the wedding ceremony can take place civil or religious, and subsequent to the wedding. In order to make possible an impressive, one needs not only the appropriate facilities and good food. At the beginning of the celebration speeches are held. These are often in a humorous and witty rather than form. Usually reveals a parent, funny incidents from the earlier years of life. Very popular at a wedding are the wedding games or rituals that are part of a real celebration.

An ancient game, for example, the bride kidnapping. It usually takes place when the official framework somewhat loose. Even the wood chopping is an ancient wedding ritual. For the wedding, of course, includes music and dance. The most beautiful is it when a band strikes up and provides a great atmosphere. Traditionally the first dance will be opened by the couple. It is customary waltz music. The music selection has abgstimmt the couple before with the band. The conclusion of a wedding is the departure of the bride and groom. Even here there are old customs, such as the throwing of the bridal couple with rice. After the departure of the wedding ceremony the couple is often still further into the night, is in Trinksprachen thought of the couple and wished them well in their marriage.

A new program for facebook gives access to important service functions in a few seconds. Now you can easily find a friend or a favorite movie. A variety of social networks in just a few months, took all Internet space. Vkontakte project has proved highly successful, although at the start he was very raw, with lots of factual mistakes. However, creating such a site has long hovered in space, but needed availability of technical possibilities, interesting ideas. Now we know that social networking has been extremely successful. Personal page on a social network is a real business card, show it to friends, colleagues at work. Invite friends to the system: you can see all the most important events of their lives, always to be linked. Social network allows you to watch your favorite movies, listen to music, looking at photo albums. Possible and himself, his mood to tell the world by filling its status. Some of us do not go out of social networks, to respond promptly to incoming messages, change the pictures on the walls of pages. There is also abreast of all developments, not wasting their time on finding a social network.

Use a special toolbar, which very quickly will be an indispensable element in the browser. It is worth to note that download the toolbar for users - it is completely unique service. For the work needed to be a regular computer with access to the network. Directly in the toolbar will come signals of new messages, photos and video materials. Events automatically assigned to sounds, so you absolutely will not miss the expected information. All the necessary demand functions are directly in front of the program. Very pleased that the program growing rapidly. Furthermore, sure to download a toolbar for ie useful to you. Currently, there are versions for most popular web browsers, then will also be supported by the less popular programs. Functional software package is growing, do not miss important updates.

Disposal of human waste was not as easy as it looks in zero gravity. And if I was doing was a genius and yes it was an aerospace engineer designing latrines for a better description. You see the common point is that the control theory sense. Of course, in an airplane does not have a group as you would in a helicopter, but that's OK that the transition pilot has to learn only one additional thing you see? As the game progress will be more and more of these kinds of things come to fruition. But the point I make in this CCI is that we must take this to the next step to further simplify.

Since humans come in different shapes and sizes, and if each flight deck is the same, then why not also controls the seat of the same. For example, some cars automatically adjusts the driver's seat, some cars have three or four possible positions in the memory and select yours and the seat is adjusted so that the best optimal pre programmed position. In the ICC, I propose simply to standardize all cabins common with the same sensors and the positions of movement of the seat and add this to your smart card, RFID chip embedded or wristwatch. When you go to driver training or in a simulator to check your trip, simply find the best and most comfortable position and put it on. If you gain or lose weight, you can then manually adjust the common cockpit and is printed on the position of the new SmartCard. We often see that the drivers of the car seat too low and you can barely see over the wheel, when renting a plane all that is in the wrong place. If the car of a friend, we are constantly looking for things where it is, where is the release Hood, fuel hatch release and how the hell do I disable this G-wiper Dang? As machines become more complicated and more people are brain dead due to misuse of natural selection, we have to counter these problems with better standards designed in such a way that is done the ICC. Now, I am not criticizing the lack of cranial capacity in modern humans, but simply to suggest a reality check is needed.

We spend too much time in the training of soldiers, pilots, drivers, equipment operators increasingly complicated. Humans do not have the patients to real and potential loss of equipment and life is the result. So the ICC is the right approach for KISS? Keep it simple stupid. Now you think about this for me.

There will be lots of repetition of the sounds your baby makes. It is important to always meet "aoh baby!" And "ahhs" and other communication methods you are using - respond with their tone of voice. This is your opportunity to have a "chat time" with your baby and you should take advantage of these times? you are helping to discover the art of conversation. There will be certain times when your baby may not be in the mood to talk. It will turn their head the other way and can put his arm over his face. It may be showing signs of anger or frustration by crying, especially if something is taken away. Five months. As the month progresses you will find that your baby is getting better in communication.

It is possible that you will realize how to imitate some sounds and gestures. For now most likely be able to tell if he's happy or sad. When attention is wanted her baby to babble is given the attention he feels he deserves. Interestingly, if ever respond to your communication efforts (whatever they are) to be repeated every time you want to your attention in this way. During this month is likely that your baby will be looking at moving his mouth while talking. Talk to him across the room and will be able to find easily. a l is learning to control his vocal sounds, while observing its response to sounds. Six months. Your baby may be using consonant-vowel combinations.

- Looking for something to report. An adventure, an emotion, action ... a picture is interesting if you tell us something. If you draw a girl standing think that is a good picture, "if you put a girl standing with the face of astonishment and looking in her purse to think" What's happening? I want to see more! "TIP: Nothing transmitted both as an expressive face. - Make a simple sketch, then do another and then another. Perhaps the first and you look good but still trying different frames, compositions ... TIP: If the sketches are small is easier to see what the whole picture.

- In the sketch and drawing always starts with drawing a line in composition. After drawing elements placed along these lines. If there are many elements group them, if there is one element that stands proof to put in a point of interest. If you're drawing something real you select a view or a frame with a good composition. TIP: The lines of curves and diagonal composition are those that transmit more power.

- You imagine a horror comic in pastel colors and fine lines and smooth? Consider what kind of picture will be, and whom it is directed. Depending on the style you decide that you will use. In a child's drawing colors and smooth lines, a picture of terror in dark colors and straight lines ... TIP: Take a look at drawings with different styles of other authors.

To begin to answer this question we have to traced to 1497 when an Italian monk, Lucca Pacioli, announced it was "divine proportion," the title of the book written by him explaining the secrets of the "golden section" mathematical ratio that is based on a rule of thumb for determining the appropriate balance between the parts of a whole. This harmonic division and has been used since antiquity, and almost always in architecture, for the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, and later in paintings by the great masters of the Renaissance, to establish rules that would allow to achieve a perfect composition. Here we realize the importance of "number" (the quantifiable, which can be measured), which has already drawn the "Pythagorean school" when the reality matched the number, for her the numbers rule the world and the universe is rhythm that is, that the qualitative is present in everything. From there it is understandable that, to mimic the pattern above, the man trying to link mathematics and art in pursuit of perfection: cathedrals, sculptures, paintings, all done on the range, the area of applied mathematics: geometry. "Geometry", this is the word, the point of departure for "the fractal, the fractal as part of a geometric model where the" golden section "is treated as a non-germinated seeds. And now, in this respect, even for like botany, I refer to the concept of "rhizome" in which Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari are based, as we explain his book "A Thousand Plateaus," to organize a system of multiplicity that is expands through different structures that are similar to the rhizomes of the plants, and so explain this metaphor, the new social behaviors in late capitalism. This concept of the rhizome is quite similar, in its organizational structure, which follows the fractal order, except that the second term in the component parts are more limited and are generated from themselves: they are "recursive." The fractal geometry would be like a seed that, germinate, through the intervention of a process of mathematical algorithms, to expand in a way similar to the rhizome of a plant, "a vanishing point to the inverse generated by the repetition of the same elements." This "fractal expansion" we can find, concentrically, the origin and evolution of the universe, according to the theories of the "Big Bang" (from Georgy Antonovich Gamov in 1948) and "Inflation" (by Alan H.

The idea of the providers and internal customers is used to emphasize the fact that, to satisfy the end customer, all within the company have a customer who needed to satisfy. Ultimately, the consumer is always the judge of quality. Process Management - The goods and services demanded by customers are produced and delivered, by elements coming from different parts of the company. These various individual activities can be addressed collectively, as a process that could be conceived in the sense of obtaining total customer satisfaction. Total Quality companies, recognize that this core business process needs to be conceived, directed and managed, to meet customer expectations, so lucrative. All the barriers placed at the performance are systematically identified, analyzed and collapsed.

These barriers may be in terms of arbitrary functional divisions between people, bureaucracy, or simply working methods just defined. Continuous Improvement - The idea that perfection in the business context is impossible, and that the only meaningful goal is the continuing struggle to improve something that was achieved. The goal is to make things right immediately to the first and then start to improve. The Japanese use the word 'Kaizen' to describe this approach, in which everyone in the company are committed to getting every day, small gains in performance. This means that, over time, many thousands of ideas for improvement, all motivated by the goal of customer satisfaction will be included in the business process. Involvement and Mobilization of All - Total Quality organizations recognize that people who are, at present, to perform certain function, are in prime position to know what is to happen, and how to achieve more effectively the desired improvements performance. This perception leads directly to the conclusion that all staff should have the confidence, knowledge and technique needed to translate this potential into action.

The mobilization involves grant of authority based on knowledge, skill and training, the person is in a better position to provide quality customer service. Quality Objectives and Orientation of Advancement - Achieving Total Quality is a commitment in the long term, for any business. The role of meaningful targets, and constitute a challenge in terms of advancement, it is vital to the process of defining a clear perception of the priorities for action and recognition of success. The establishment and communication of the objectives of quality improvement, online business plan, provide a powerful source of motivation that is open to all, establishing a mechanism for a self-management and a platform for the recognition of individual and team success . By the power of these five fundamentals, while potentially valuable in itself for the organization, is unlocked through a committed leadership that is transforming the dynamics of these ideas common sense in a business strategy that bets worldwide. The leadership, or lack thereof, is often a major obstacle to the transformation to quality. Only total commitment and involvement of the entire organization, starting with top management, can guarantee the successful implementation of the quality of the company, it is necessary to win the support and commitment of the entire workforce. Generally the attitude of the operators is determined, hair that they think that management expects of them. It is therefore essential that the management clearly and objectively define the objectives in relation to quality.

Have you ever wished that you had a different eye color? Or maybe you just want to do something a little crazy and have different color eyes for each party? Color contacts can do wonders for your appearance, but only if you select the type and color. Learn how to make the best of your color lenses, what your options are and what they consider when selecting color contacts. Do color lenses really change your eye color and natural looking? This is an issue that worries most people who want to try color contacts for the first time. After all, you want people to think "what gorgeous eyes he has" not "what nice contact lenses to use." The color lens manufacturers are aware of the problem and try to make color contacts look vivid, but natural. There are a lot of sophisticated technology involved in as a brand color contacts Acuvue 2 Colors or Freshlook. The aim is not only solid color, which has a pattern similar to the pattern of a human eye. Also color is not constant throughout the lens, as in most people's eyes.

See Lens Options eye color of light depending on the effect you want to create, people with light eyes can wear enhancement or opaque color contacts. If you just want to enhance your natural color, half transparent, magnifying glasses would be ideal for you. Best choices are Acuvue 2 colors protectors? to illuminate your eyes. Freshlook Radiance? lenses with a lighting effect that enhances your color and makes your eyes appear brighter.

Romer studied comparative literature at Copenhagen. (By the way, And where are in Spain this type of degree as common in other countries?). He has worked in advertising and film as writer and actor. He has also written several essays on collective behavior. Set in a Danish people, the novel introduces us to a little known aspect of relations between Central European countries: the marginalization suffered by the Germans after the Second-world-war - News ResultsIgor Talankin: Soviet director known for his Second World War morality films Independent - Oct 26 04:02pmMan suing seniors' home after father's scalding death CTV.ca - Oct 26 02:43pmBook chronicles Canada's Second World War vets CNews - Oct 23 03:56amSecond-world-war - Video ResultsPlay Video'>Second World War. The narrative links the stories of members of a Danish family with German ancestry on the distaff side, keeping as a catalyst, which makes uniform throughout the story, the boy who narrates in first person and in the past.

The novel includes an extended period, from World War II until the early seventies. During the reading you get a funny feeling: a sense that despite the child protagonist narrates in adulthood, we see an innocent childish tone. Without abandoning the melancholy and sadness experienced by the small Knud (the narrator) can taste very clever and funny passages. Highlight two: On one hand the small Knud birthday. Mixture of sadness, shame and tenderness, all hinting a bit of resentment, just a pinch, which is the amount that fits in the memory of a child. On the other hand, the arrival of her grandmother for Christmas.

The readings at the comfort of the fireplace, the peculiar experience of Midnight Mass, the blatant disregard of the neighbors And above all it is always a breath of hope, fears and hopes candid of childhood. The novel ends with a clear statement of hatred and contempt felt by the narrator who made her childhood and adolescence, a life full of fears, insecurities and humiliation. The disgust and hatred, I repeat, he feels for all of them finds its natural climax in the narrative, and no less demoralizing, deterioration of his parents especially his mother, bearer bastion of Germanic origin of the family in an environment adverse social cruelly. As already noted, the novel has a thread conductor: the small Knud. But we could take family histories of individual and consistency would alone.