Oct 10, 01:35 PM

E thanks to God I also had these people and the unconditional support of my family. In the professional life you find innumerable difficulties every day, and of any form you have that to deal with this. In the personal life nor if he speaks, to please to all is impossible. Now you have an academic life, that nobody speaks that is easy, but also it does not come with manual of instructions. Many situations of the academic life you by itself go discovering.

But with all the problems are rewarding and were valid my sacrifice all. Logical that it has the professors that you identify more, and the ones that less are identified. I had few that I identified myself. the phases of the academic works, is bar, mainly when you do not have available time. But I go to give a tip, if you have a fellow worker, that this attending a course or already attended a course course the same, and it this of vacation, nothing more just of what to ask for to one mozinha pra it. Another important tip if you know a teacher, who does not have nothing to see with the course, and it this moved away from its activities, you does not make idea how much it can help you.

E also finishes it important tip very friends () attending a course or that it attended a course other courses as Right, Administration or countable sciences, also can. In my Graduation it was easy if to identify with some colleagues of the room, for fact of the same professional performance. Of beginning we mount our group of study, with seven people, in the end of the course we were only four. we finish the course with the four because, I had the happiness to know one of the integrant ones of the group, in the classroom that also inhabited in my quarter, and we identify in them well.
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