Physical Dialogue

Sep 6, 06:10 PM

A PHYSICAL DIALOGUE ' ' DV8 Physical Theatre' ' it is a company of Physical Theater and Dance that if characterizes and if it detaches for making this junction of teatralidade and corporeidade. The company is directed by Newson Lloyd and composed for actors/dancers whom for presenting a body differentiated in scene and a creative capacity if a reference of the Physical Theater became. The group, in one of its works ' ' Strange Fish' ' , it shows different ways to present the body in scene thus disclosing, the essence of the Contact Improvisation, therefore in this spectacle the group presents ' ' a physical dialogue that can go since the immobility up to one high level of atletismo' ' (Fernando Neder). He demonstrates its capacity to deal with the relation of the body with the dramatical text. ' ' Strange Fish' ' it is a highly audacious spectacle, the actors/dancers of this group dialogue the entire time with innovative and dangerous movements. They seem to be always searching its limits.

At some moments, the impression that we have is of that they if they hurt, therefore they execute brusque movements e, pparently, violent. On the other hand it is perceivable the domain and the care with the body, therefore although the chaos restored during the presentation, what it is many times funny, them knows what they are making and they make with much property. At last, the spectacle that was presented by the group ' ' DV8 Physical Theatre' ' it shows many ways to explore the body in scene and although to seem only bodies in movements, it had a constant dialogue between these bodies, a text that could be read through each movement. What theater was disclosed is not alone, is not alone dances, is a way of if communicating skin the skin.
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