Public Security Municipal Guards

Aug 22, 08:10 AM

The spreading in the media written and televised of occurrences is very common nowadays involving Municipal and Trader of fixed point and ambulant Guards. Also, in a general way, the knowledge lack is very frequent technician on the part of journalists and presenters on the subject. In such a way, daily we coexist some nonsenses committed for these medias, as much in relation to the works developed for the noblemen agent of Public Security Municipal Guards, as for the professionals it Commerce of fixed point and the ones that ambulam. The peddler can work vendendo its products but, for this as any activity must follow norms and rules of functioning. In its maoria the regular peddler, knows of its rules to follow! therefore all receive orientaes before having its authorization, license or permission. The Municipal Guards in itself how much to its attributions it is the Protection of Services good and installations and to make to fulfill the Code of Municipal Positions, as Decree 29,881 of 18 of September of 2008, Rio De Janeiro.

The phrases as ' ' RAPA' ' , ' ' APREENSO' ' , ' ' as if the municipal guards were making something errado' ' other similar asneiras constantly are used in the programs of TV and periodicals. Also, in the legal aspect, the confusion between ' is very frequent; ' Removel of hindrance of the public areas as DECREE N 17,931, OF 24 OF SEPTEMBER OF 1999 which Makes use on atinentes procedures to the removel of hindrance of the municipal public goods at the moment that Municipal Guarda holds back the merchandise that this displayed in the public areas obstructing the ticket of the citizens irregularally. Recently a telejornal showed the apprehension of merchandise for the agent of Municipal Guarda.
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