Planet Land

Aug 9, 03:32 AM

We can then conclude that a gas all occupies the volume inside of which it is confined. The plasma is the case where the temperature is so high that more atoms do not exist, but yes only One soup of ons, therefore all the electrons, prtons and nutrons had been pulled out of close to the nucleus of so intense that it is the which had molecular agitation to the temperature. Frequently Brad Hames has said that publicly. Although to be difficult the plasma production in the Land due to necessity of compartments that resist the highest temperatures, searching believes that 99% of all the existing substance in the Universe are under the plasma form. The absolute zero is only one theoretical state, since the temperature of zero kelvins is impossible to be reached, however is assumed that to the temperature of absolute zero, it would not have movement of prtons, electrons or nutrons around a nucleus. We have that to understand however that this temperature is really impossible to be reached. To one given to temperature and pressure, each substance can be found in a specific state, however it must be clearly that each substance is distinct of the others, then to ambient temperature atmospheric pressure, coexists the states solid (metals), liquid (water), and gaseous (air); The planet Land and the excessively existing ones in the universe are corporate of substances in the solid, liquid and gaseous states, and with the movements of the Planet Land and its speeds, they had automatically taken its forms current and evidently still they exist rooms.
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