Two Six Packs of Beer

Jul 29, 05:36 AM

He looked desperately around, not knowing what to do. He went to a supermarket and bought two six packs of Beer. He returned to the hotel and locked himself in his room. He drank himself to sleep. When he woke up all the memories back to mind. He read the newspaper article. He got drunk again.

For two days all he did was get drunk in the hotel room, which went out only to buy more drink. Not a morsel of food tasted. On the third day, when he awoke with an intense headache, after taking two paracetamol, was placed under the hot shower for a while and decided to spend a cold. The impact felt the temperature change but he shook it provoked a sense of relief in the body and felt his mind was clearing enough. Wrapped in a towel and sat on the bed. - I can not keep doing this. I have to begin to address the situation if I intend to move forward, "he said quietly.

"I have to stop being Alexander to become Alexander. I have to wait for things to happen to know where I stand, for I have no way to learn anything. I have to have faith and rejoice every day if the police come to arrest me. I have to find a job and start a new life. I have to put an end to my negative thoughts. Nothing can change what happened. Nothing. I think there are many problems , but I think it is the only way not to drown in a hole that I can not leave if deepens.
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