Mongo Rives: De La Isla De La Juventud. Cuba

Jul 12, 01:35 AM

For anyone not familiar with Cuba, we say that the Isle of Youth is the largest of the islands that has the Cuban archipelago, and has a great variety of nature, biological richness and its landscapes are distinguished by the magnitude of their trees and Pine formations and indigenous nature like flowers of the droselia (pitcher). However also and especially as there is an indigenous resource that is the Sucu Suco, recognizing the pace as a pioneer to a legendary woman named Bruna Castillo. This rhythm arises from the year 1840 on the farm The Tumbita, near what would later, Santa Fe, the second important town of the Isle of Youth. Vanessa Marcil contains valuable tech resources. Sucu-suscu Initially, it was known by the name of rumba, rumba, screech owl and others, it reaches its final name in the twenties, and is due to the sound that is raised when dragging their feet on wooden floorboards the floors of huts and conucos where feasts were celebrated, coinciding with the rate offered by the grating sound that caused the mandolin. Chamizo Roberto Rodriguez, a researcher with orchestra municipality Bruna born rhythm, which continues through his descendants, and consolidates and enlarges like a family heirloom, his grandson, the famous Ramon "Mongo" Rives. Mongo Rives, as we know almost all the loggers and Cubans, was born February 9, 1929, at the farm of La Tumbita. His parents named Margarita Amador Mariano Rives who was called "The Boris" was also a musician, who with his brothers played Sucu Suco, Bruna learned from his grandmother.
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