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Jun 19, 11:21 PM

On the one hand the time has made almost disappear the culture of " the caretaker, and for that reason Is necessary to learn it. The positive is that the level of instruction of the population, is extremely superior to which had at previous times. It implies that people this in better aptitude to perceive and to implement the Economy Domestic servant. Also a factor from stimulus, the degree of reached technological development is. With appropriate technology and well-educated people the possibilities of the economy domestic servant are harnessed. It is because raised the subject, like a tool to confront future ambushes on the standards of life. I know that the present development, can wake up ideological objections.

But between the ideology and the concrete problems of people, I remain with people. If some of which they honor to us reading this collaboration, believes in the Economy Domestic servant, I suggest to him does photocopies of the same and it is sent the friend who can interest to him. Persuaded to this height of my existence, that people always are more important that the governments, inclusively that the best one of these, I trust that the Domestic Economy, developed by the common sense, to be a powerful tool for the times that hope to us (11/XI/92). *** PUBLISHED IN " THE REFORMATION, OF GENERAL TIP DAYS 24 AND 30 OF NOVEMBER OF 1992 DOMESTIC ECONOMY AND PRODUCTIVOS" USES; By Alfredo Lawyer Arming Aguirre I believe that it is a desirable objective for any country, that all the population economically activa" , it has productive uses. Bond to clarify that when tenth to population " economically activa" , we are not considering, by diverse reasons, to the adolescents, the old ones and the disabled ones. And when tenth that those uses must be " productivos" , to allude to us to that the same must constitute physical and/or intellectual efforts destined to the obtaining of goods and services. The enunciated objective of so sublime intentions is of difficult attainment, in our country and any other place of the Planet Earth.
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